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The Greenwich hotel New York City

The Greenwich hotel New York City

Pet-Friendly New York Hotels

If you plan to tour New York City with a four-legged friend, you’re in luck: many of the best hotels in NY, such as The W Hotel Union Square and The Surrey NYC, feature generous pet accommodations. The former hotel is the only luxury hotel in New York to offer the P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcome) service, which ensures that your cuddly friend will be walked, groomed, and cared for. You can even order a birthday cake for your pampered pet.

Not to be outdone, The Surrey NYC offers its own luxury pet accommodations, including Stella & Chewy's all natural, gourmet dog treats and dinners, Pratesi pet robes, and Lauren Rottet-designed pet beds with Duxiana mattresses. Your pet will love it.

Note that very few hotels in NY will accept exotic animals. You'd best leave your pet tiger at home.

The Shoreham Hotel New York

The Shoreham Hotel New York

Trendy Hotels in New York

While New York City is known primarily for its many old-fashioned luxury hotels, it is quickly gaining a reputation for its chic, modern, elegant hotels such as The Dylan Hotel New York and The Distrikt Hotel. These two sophisticated hotels not only embody the spirit of New York, they revitalize it.

  • The Dylan Hotel: Located in Midtown Manhattan, just minutes from Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue shopping, and Grand Central Station, The Dylan Hotel NY features a gorgeous landmark-quality 1903 Beaux-Arts facade and sophisticated guest rooms with rich, jewel-toned fabrics, 11-foot ceilings, and handsome American walnut furnishings.
  • The Distrikt Hotel: On the opposite side of Manhattan stands the brand-new Distrikt Hotel. Guest rooms at this chic NYC hotel feature a clean, black-and-white, Art Deco design, and the lobby boasts an artist's rendering of Manhattan's grid and thought-provoking collages of some of the most iconic NYC neighborhoods.