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Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline At Night NYC
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The Greenwich hotel New York City

The Greenwich hotel New York City

Luxury hotels in NYC

If you can afford it, then checking out Luxury hotels in NYC is highly recommended. There are many popular 5-star hotels in NYC which compete for the business of the wealthy and the elite, and that means every 4-star hotel in NYC and 5-star hotel in NYC will be striving to satisfy your every need.

This should go without saying, but you will find some of the best luxury hotels in NYC in Manhattan. One of our personal favorites is The Greenwich hotel NYC, which features a lovely Asian-inspired spa and one of the most beautiful pool rooms we have ever seen in New York.

You will find plenty of great luxury hotels in New York, but the areas where you will want to look depend more on what you expect in terms of hotel service rather than location. You will find some great luxury hotel in NYC options in Greenwich Village, Midtown Manhattan, and Upper East Side Manhattan.

While Greenwich Village luxury hotels offer a more lively and bohemian neighborhood for guests to enjoy, the Upper East Side is famous for keeping that old New York feeling with peaceful neighborhoods and quiet streets. Where you stay is up to you, but remember that neighborhoods in Manhattan matter if you are looking for a hotel vacation escape.

Midtown Manhattan New York

Midtown Manhattan New York

Midtown Manhattan Hotels

One of our favorite destinations in Manhattan is the Midtown area. The center of Manhattan is the place to go for great NYC nightlife and restaurants, and there are also some great deals for a hotel in NYC to be had. The prices in the Midtown area can vary from as low as $100-200 a night to as high as $500 a night, so there is something available for everyone's budget.

Still looking for a specific New York hotel that fits your budget or your expectations? Then check out our hotels page at We will help you find the hotel in NYC that is right for you.