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Hurricane Sandy's path has been the terror of New York City for the past few days, causing flooding, power outages, businesses closing and even deaths. While this natural disasters has put a lot of things on hold, they are not going to be gone for good!

In case you're wondering what's still open in NYC right now, what places in New York City you should be avoiding and when our events that should be taking place these days are to be rescheduled for, we can tell you!

Don't start planning your NYC vacation for tomorrow just yet just because you hear things are on their way to getting back on track though! Here's some of the places and events that are powering the weather's effects and providing NYC Tourist with a little light at the end of the tunnel!

NYC Attractions

The Statue of Liberty's opening day still took place this past Sunday, but obviously nobody is rushing up her newly renovated steps and handicap ramps just yet. When the time is right though, she will be there for us to visit! Unfortunately, that might be a while, because as of now, Lady Liberty is closed off indefinitely after major flooding to the New York Harbor. Fortunately there is no apparent damage to the statue.

The Empire State Building closed for a day, but as of Wednesday October 31, is back and business for all the NYC Tourists to enjoy. There are probably some pretty fascinating views from up there!

The New York Aquarium is "closed indefinitely."The Central Park Zoo is closed on Thursday November 1 and we're waiting on an update on when it will open.The Bronx Zoo will reopen on Saturday, November 3. 

Events, Sports and Things To Do

The NBA is feeling the effects as well! The Brooklyn Nets have had to delay their home opener at the new Barclays Center, which was scheduled for Thursday night. They were scheduled to open against the New York Knicks, but since that's not happening, the first game of their season will be against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, November 3. Hopefully the damage and transportation issues that delayed this game will be resolved quickly!

The NYC Marathon will still take place this Sunday, November 4! These runners have faced bigger challenges before, right? The 26 miles might be the easiest part of the day for them! The hardest part might be getting to the race to begin with.*Update* The NYC Marathon has been cancelled "after mounting criticism."

The Halloween events are being delayed as well! The The Village Parade that was scheduled for Wednesday, October 31 - but was cancelled. It will probably just be delayed until next week, but a date has yet to be set. Don't expect any extremely rowdy Halloween parties on Wednesday - that's probably just not happening.

Another thing you shouldn't expect, helicopter tours. We know, this is going to be really hard on a lot of you, but your romantic gestures might have to be put off a little while.

But the show must go on, and as little Orphan Annie would say, "The sun'll come out, tomorrow!" Many Broadway shows are set perform on Wednesday night, so don't let your tickets go to waste if you're already in the city!

If you're not in the city, and have already booked a hotel, bought your tickets or made other plans, these businesses are accommodating and aren't encouraging NYC Tourists to rush in just to keep your schedule on track. The power outages and flooding will not make for the best NYC vacations right now, so talk to the places you've already committed to and rearrange a little bit - chances are good that you won't even lose any money!

While most flights are starting to clear up, there have been a lot of cancellations, delays and more with the weather and power outages. More than 19,500 flights have been canceled since Sunday according to USA Today, and this isn't the end of our no-fly zone. But things are getting better!

The Subway in NYC has been shut off, but limited runs will open again on Thursday!

The city parks will reopen over the weekend, and the Botanical Gardens will open on Thursday. They're down about 20 tress, but the beautiful cherry trees have remained in tact!

If you want to take place in volunteering to help cleanup after Hurricane Sandy in NYC, here's a great article that talks about several volunteering organizations that are actively participating in the clean-up! There's more than one way to volunteer - lending a hand or donating!

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