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Inside the Actor's Studio

Inside the Actors Studio NYC

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Inside the Actor's Studio Information

Inside the Actor's Studio Info


When to Go:
When shows are in recording

Seasonal Information:
Part of a Masters program

Important Information

  • Audience demographic is primarily MFA students of arts and entertainment

Inside the Actor's Studio Quick Facts

  • Tickets to see Actor Studio Live are free
  • Recordings done at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts
  • Show has been running since 1994

3 Spruce St
New York, US

Website: http://www.bravotv.com/inside-the-actors-studio

Ticket Info

Inside the Actor's Studio tapes sporadically, as live tapings of Inside the Actors Studio are subject to each guest's availability. To request tickets to Inside the Actors Studio, contact Pace University at insidetheactorsstudio@pace.edu. Standby tickets are available. Arrive 30 minutes to an hour before showtime. Note that you must be at least 18 years old to attend a live taping of Inside the Actors Studio.

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Inside the Actor's Studio

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Inside the Actor's Studio is the long-running show that looks at actor's and their craft

Located in


Financial District

This tour is FREE!

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Features: Inside Actors Studio Live is the live recording of the famous interviews from James Lipton with the many great actors that they manage to get for this show. Inside Actors Studio live features a wide collection of different actors, where they are asked questions that look to the guests for wisdom and advice. The audience primarily consists of students at the Pace University where they sit in to learn from those that have had success and experience in the industry.

Why We Go: Inside Actors Studio is a smart and well-managed show that provides a lot of valuable insight into the art of acting.

  • Formula: Inside Actors Studio features the same general questions taht James Lipton asks the guests for each show. However, these questions can lead to interesting stories and discussions surrounding the actor's previous work or general philosophy on the craft. You may have never thought to ask why someone likes one curse word over another, but James brings this up and runs with it in his interviews.
  • Thought-provoking: The questions asked during Inside Actors Studio recordings are very thought provoking. While simple at their core, they serve the purpose of sparking conversation and further insight.
  • Audience Q&A: At the end of each interview session, the audience is allowed to ask the guests questions that may not have been answered initially. Since the audience primarily consists of those looking to work in the arts and entertainment industry, the questions themselves are heavily based on aspects of the craft and the job rather than on the guest's personal lives.

Inside Knowledge: As of 2010, Inside the Actor's Studio is in its 17th season. James Lipton has interviews more than 200 guests at this point.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do come with questions: You may have a chance to ask one of the guests some interesting questions that relate to the art of acting at the end of the recording. Make sure you do your research and have some questions ready to ask if they are not answered during the initial interview.
  • Do remain quiet: During the interview, there may be times when the guests jokes and the audience laughs. However, make sure you remain quiet when questions are being asked or answered. Many people in the audience are students wanting to learn from this.
  • Don't expect a short interview: James Lipton usually interviews the actors for a couple of hours even though the content is edited down to an hour for television. Don't expect a live recording that you attend to be short.
  • Don't ask for autographs: This is the one question that will make everyone there roll their eyes at you over. Just don't ask it. The actors get this enough as it is. Treat them with some respect if they are talking about their craft.