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See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine

See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine NYC

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See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine Information

See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine Info

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When to Go:
January and February

Tour Highlights:
Free Meet & Greet on Airport Pickup

Age Restriction:
All ages are welcome.

Important Information

  • A free Meet & Greet is available on all airport pick-ups with SUVs and stretch limos. Meet & Greets must be requested in advance.
  • A credit card is required to place reservations for Luxor Limo tours in NYC.
  • Smoking is not allowed on Luxor Limo tours in NYC.

See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine Quick Facts

  • Luxor Limo Tours NY are great for weddings, proms, and other special events.
  • Pets are allowed on Luxor Limo tours in NYC, provided they are caged.
  • Special discounts are available for long-distance New York limousine tours.

195 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn, US

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Carly Kale

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Date of stay: 11/10

Nice Cars with Luxor Limousine

You'll have a very enjoyable ride with Luxor Limo and Car Service.  The drivers are courteous and friendly, which you may not find if you just grab a cab in New York City.  The cars are the main reason you'll want to use Luxor Limo.  They have everything from town cars to Hummer limousines, and all of their limos are well-maintained and very clean.  Luxor is a pretty reliable limo service, if you need to travel around NYC.


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See The Big Apple with Luxor Limousine

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Cheap Limousine and Private Car Tours in NYC by Luxor Limousine

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Prices Ranging from
$48/hr - $175/hr

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Features: New York limousine tours are perfect for those NYC tourists who want to tour the Big Apple in style. Numerous car makes and models are available at varying hourly and fixed rates; Luxor Limousine's fleet includes a 10-passenger Chrysler 300, an 18-passenger Hummer, a 16-passenger Infiniti Qx56, and an 18-passenger Cadillac Escalade.

Why We Go: Whether you're attending a wedding, a bachelor party, a prom, or a meeting, you can rest assured you will make a big entrance in an 18-passenger stretch limousine. Of course, you don't need to have a reason to rent a private car in NYC; Luxor Limo tours in NYC are available for those who just want to relax and take in the sights in the back of a stretched Cadillac Escalade.

  • Service: The best thing about New York limousine tours? The service. You'll be chauffered around the Big Apple by an experienced and courteous driver who knows all the best bars in NYC, all the hottest NY clubs, and all the trendiest restaurants. You'll live like Hollywood royalty - for a few hours, at least.
  • Cool Cars: It goes without saying that the cars on Luxor Limo tours in NYC are gorgeous. They can hardly be called cars, really - they're more like works of art. Whether you choose a beautiful Cadillac Escalade or a massive, late-model Hummer, you'll be satisfied with the quality of your vehicle. 
  • Pets Allowed: Animal lover? No problem! Most New York limousine tours allow you to bring pets along for the ride, just so long as you keep your pet in a cage or pet carrier.

Inside Knowledge: Most New York limousine tours require a minimum of two hours in Manhattan or three hours outside Manhattan. Discounted rates are available for reservations of four or more hours.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring Your Pet: Most New York limousine tours allow you to bring pets along for the ride. Just make sure you have a cage or a pet carrier.
  • Do Live Large: What NY limousine tour would be complete without a bottle of champage? Be sure to order a bottle when you place your reservation!
  • Don't Smoke in the Car: Unfortunately, smoking is not permitted on New York limousine tours. Drivers who allow their passengers to smoke in a TLC-licensed vehicle will be ticketed.
  • Don't Forget Your Camera: Like any tour, Luxor Limo tours in NYC are filled with great photo opportunities. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture all the sights and special moments! Make your friends jealous with a snapshot of you in a limousine!