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Luna Park

Luna Park NYC

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Luna Park Information

Luna Park Info

Ticket Info:
$26 to $34 passes for 4-6 hours of unlimited rides

N/A until April 2011

When to Go:
Summer months

Age Restriction:
All ages

Important Information

  • Luna Park 2010 is closed in the winter months and will re-open in April 2011.
  • 4 hour and 6 hour unlimited riding passes, or pay as you go cards, available for rides and games.

Luna Park Quick Facts

  • The second incarnation of the Luna Park from Coney Island.
  • Recently opened in 2010.
  • Rides, attractions, and live entertainment.

1000 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, US

Website: http://www.lunaparknyc.com/

Phone Number: 718.373.5862

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Luna Park

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Luna Park is the revival of the original Coney Island amusement park

Located in


Prices Starting at
$30.00 for adults & $30.00 for children

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Features: New Luna Park NY is the second reincarnation of the Coney Island Park. When Astroland, the original amusement park in Coney Island closed down, the second Luna Park took its place. The amusement park was recently re-opened in 2011 and is running during spring and summer months.

Why We Go: New Luna Park 2010 contains a mixture of rides for all ages, letting kids and adults enjoy the combination of children's rides and thrill rides.

  • Park Rides: The rides at New Luna Park NY range from the simple and fun to the death-defying and insane. There is a mixture of these types of rides available to both kids and adults.
  • Live Entertainment: Guests at the New Luna Park 2010 can find live entertainment in the park grounds. Their line-up is large and features a rotating cast of freaky acts and magicians. 
  • Historic: New Luna Park sits on the historical grounds of Astroland, an amusement park that was in Coney Island from 1963 until late 2008. On top of that, Luna Park was the original amusement park in Coney Island before fires destroyed it in 1944.

Inside Knowledge: The original Luna Park, which was opened in 1903, was open until 1944 when two fires ceased its operations. The new Luna Park, which sits on the location of Astroland, has an entrance that is designed like the one from the original Luna Park in the early 1900s.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Ride the Circus Coaster: The circus coaster is a family-friendly roller coaster ride that brings back memories of older coasters in the Coney Island area. Be sure to hop on for a ride even if you don't plan to spend much time here.
  • Do Check Out an Act: From the Lizardman to Louie the Loser, there are a variety of interesting acts and magic shows that range from the classic carnival acts to the more modern magicians.
  • Don't Come During Winter Months: New Luna Park is closed during the winter months, but it re-opens in April. Make sure to plan a trip to this New York amusement park for the spring and summer months.
  • Don't Leave Your Kids at Home: If you have kids, then bring them along to New Luna Park as well. There are plenty of kids rides and kid's magic acts for them to enjoy.