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Hotels in Manhattan New York are famous for putting you right in the action and lifestyle of the Big Apple. They also have a reputation of being small and expensive, but not all hotels in Manhattan New York are like that.

Some are small boutique NY hotels which trade space for value – you get to be close to everything that the city has to offer for a discounted price. Others trade price for space. If you want to stay in a new Manhattan hotel in New York, then be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars a night for the added luxury.

Things to look out for when booking a Manhattan hotel

There are a few details you need to keep in mind when booking a hotel in Manhattan New York. Some hotels charge for amenities that will be free elsewhere, and others are not conveniently located near a subway station which increases your travel costs.

Manhattan New York Hotels

Hotels in Manhattan
New York

  • Wi-fi: If you like to have the internet with you at your hotel for looking up nearby New York restaurants and clubs, then make sure to check with the hotel you are looking at to see if wi-fi Internet is free. While many of the 3.5 star and less hotels in the Midtown and Downtown Manhattan areas offer it for free, others charge between $10 to $15 a day for internet access.
  • Bottled water: Some hotels offer bottled water to guests as a courtesy. It is a nice perk for guests on the go a lot, but it is not typically offered in most Manhattan hotels. Some hotels do have free bottled water in their fitness center even if it is not advertised, so check with the front desk for details about this.
  • Smoking allowed?: If you are sensitive to smoke, then make certain to check on whether your hotel in Manhattan New York allows smoking. Specifically request fora  non-smoking room if you need it. Also, be sure to check about smoking policies at the hotel if you do smoke, as the fines for smoking in a hotel that doesn't allow it are steep.

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Hotels in Manhattan New York

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Uptown Manhattan

The Uptown area in Manhattan includes the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side is one of the most expensive areas to visit in the city, so do not stay in the area unless you are prepared to foot the bill for it.

Uptown Manhattan NYC

Uptown Manhattan New York

Besides the fact that the hotels are among the priciest in Uptown Manhattan, they also charge for most amenities that you would get for free in the Midtown area, so be sure to factor that into your costs if you want to stay here. Many of the hotels in this area are near only one and sometimes no subway terminals as well, so taking a cab or town car around the area is one of your few transportation options.

The perk for staying in the Uptown Manhattan is that it is among one of the most peaceful plays to stay in the Big Apple. Traffic and noise is lower than other places in the city, and the streets are typically very clean and peaceful. Many Uptown hotels are also close to Central Park, giving you access to a serene getaway that is only a few blocks from where you are staying.

Midtown Manhattan hotels

The Midtown area has the widest variety of hotel options. There are some very expensive hotels in the area, but there are also some great deals to be had. It isn't even based on location. The prices for hotels in Midtown are based more on spacing.

Midtown Manhattan NYC

Midtown Manhattan NYC

If you are willing to sleep in a room with only enough space for a bed and a shared bathroom, then you will be able to find hotels for less than $200 a night in a convenient area such as Times Square.

However, if you want more space, then expect to pay more. Midtown is a popular spot for New York restaurants and nightlife, and it is also a great central location for sightseeing and public transportation.

The best part about Midtown is that you will typically save on amenities such as wi-fi and cab fare if you stay here. You are close to many great things to do in New York, and most of the Midtown hotels do not skimp on the free perks.

Downtown Manhattan hotels

Downtown Manhattan NYC

Downtown Manhattan
New York City

Hotels in Downtown Manhattan also vary in price, although they lean more towards the lower side in price when compared to Midtown. You will save the most by staying in locations such as Chinatown and the Lower East Side, but Downtown Manhattan hotels also have deals for popular nightlife hotspots such as SoHo.

Not far from the Lowest East Side is the Financial District. Hotels here are currently very inexpensive and feature modern rooms. This comes at the price of being farther away from public transportation. The prices are particularly low due to construction of the World Trade Center Memorial.

Greenwich Village and Tribeca

Hotels in Greenwich Village and Tribeca NYC

Hotels in Greenwich Village and Tribeca, NYC

The Greenwich Village and Tribeca regions in Manhattan lean towards the more expensive. Hotels in these areas are typically priced like high-end Midtown Manhattan hotels as well as Uptown Manhattan hotels.

However, instead of the serene streets and sound in Uptown Manhattan, you instead get an artsy bohemian atmosphere. This is perfect for the more adventurous New York travelers who are looking for more fun than the Uptown area with the bankroll of an Uptown guest.

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