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Merchant's House Museum

Merchants House Museum NYC

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Merchant's House Museum Information

Merchant's House Museum Info

Ticket Info:
Adults - $10, Seniors - $5, Students with I.D. - $5 Children 12 & under - Free

Mon. 12pm-5pm, Thurs.-Sun. 12pm-5pm

When to Go:

Age Restriction:
All ages

Nearest Transit:
Uptown Bleecker St-Lafayette St (6); 8th St-Broadway (R, W); Downtown Bleecker St-Lafayette St (6, B, D, F, V)

Important Information

  • Tours are self-guided with people available to answer your questions.
  • Candlelit ghost tours are held in October.

Merchant's House Museum Quick Facts

  • Preserved 19th century red-brick house.
  • Originally owned by a merchant family in the 1800s, hence the name.
  • Talks about the NYC Merchants House Museum being haunted.

29 E 4th St
New York, US

Website: http://www.merchantshouse.com/

Phone Number: 212.777.1089

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Merchant's House Museum

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Merchant's House Museum preserves New York history and a few ghosts

Located in


Prices Starting at
$10.00 for adults

NYCTourist Travel Info

Features: NY Merchants House Museum is a historical preservation of an old 19th century red-brick house in Manhattan. It is the only old house that was preserved in the neighborhood, and was once owned by a merchant family in the 1800s. The inside area is completely preserved to recreate the essence of the time in which this house came from.

Why We Go: NY Merchants House Museum is an interesting preserved museum of old New York with the added thrill of ghosts that are said to haunt the old Merchant's House Museum NYC.

  • Classic Architecture: The old architecture, ranging from the red bricks and the white marble,  is a sight to see. The architecture of the NYC Merchants House Museum has been completely preserved to keep its original 1800s look.
  • Self-Guided Tours: The tours of the NYC Merchants House Museum are self-guided, giving you freedom to check out the house at your leisure. If you have any questions, there are plenty of staff members around the house that you can ask in regards to facts about the house.
  • Haunted: The spirits of the Tredwells, a merchant family that lived at the NY Merchants House Museum for over 100 years, are said to be haunting the museum. This adds a little adrenaline to the tours, as talks about unusual things happening to objects in the house mean there is a chance you will see some bizarre behavior while checking out the NY Merchants House Museum.

Inside Knowledge: The house for the NY Merchants House Museum was built in 1832. In 1933, it was made a National Historic Landmark.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Visit on a Weekday: Weekdays are the least crowded days to visit the NYC Merchants House Museum. Come on one of these days to experience a more laid back exploration of the house.
  • Do Look for Strange Happenings: There is a lot of talk about the NYC Merchants House Museum containing a lot of active paranormal activity. Be on the look out for strange movements or events out of the ordinary while touring the place.
  • Don't Expect to See Ghosts: As with many paranormal hotspots, don't expect ghosts to jump out in front of you if that is your main reason for coming to the NYC Merchants House Museum. Sometimes it will just be a regular museum tour, so come first for the museum with the chance that you may see paranormal activity.
  • Don't Miss Museum Plays: The NYC Merchants House Museum hosts events and plays throughout the year, and sometimes has special events depending on what month it is. We especially recommend checking out this New York landmark durnig October for the candlelit ghost tour.