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So it's getting close to Mother's Day and you still haven't bought your mother a gift. Don't panic: we're here to help. Take a look at this, our unofficial (and slightly unorthodox) guide to Mother's Day gifts and etiquette.

Things to Do on Mother's Day in NYC:

Cook her dinner. No doubt at some point or other you've benefited from one of your mother's homecooked meals. Now's the perfect opportunity to return the favor. Invite her to dinner at your place. Cook the dinner yourself. Give her a glass of wine. Reminisce. Direct the conversation towards your finest achievements. Say things like, "If I hadn't of had a mother like you, I wouldn't of turned out so awesome" and "It's because of you that I became a doctor."* Steer the conversation away from all mention of that time you shredded four rolls of toilet paper and smeared paint all over the walls.

Take her out. All right, so you can't cook. Just as well: there's no shortage of fine restaurants in New York City (in fact, of the 11 restaurants in the United States that have been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide, five of them are in New York. Not that we're bragging or anything). As your personal NYC experts, we advise you to take your mother out for a night on the town. Begin by buying her a light pre-theater dinner at one of these classy Midtown restaurants. Then take her to a Broadway show. We recommend the decidedly farcical La Cage aux Folles, with Kelsey Grammer. (Beware: this show is nothing like Frasier. If your mother has even a slight distaste for burly, flamboyant men in drag, you'd better stick with Wicked.)

Buy her a nice Mother's Day gift. So apparently you also suck at finding gifts (that's why you're here, isn't it?). Don't worry: we've got plenty of suggestions. If your mother is like most women, she'll appreciate one of the expertly crafted, American-made leather handbags from Jutta Neumann New York. If you're observant enough to remember the name of your mother's favorite perfume (and we know you are), drop by Macy's or Saks Fifth Avenue. Alternatively, you might pick up a shiny new gadget from Best Buy, your favorite electronics superstore. Don't forget to buy her flowers.

*If you're not a doctor, but a member of some other respectable profession, such as sheep herding, insert the appropriate term here.