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It's a tragic day for opera lovers in New York City.

According to recently published reports, the New York City Opera is moving out of Lincoln Center, its home of 45 years, due to severe budget constraints.

Pressured by low ticket sales - less than half of the venue's seats are filled on a good night, according to the New York Post - the board of the opera house has decided to cut back on scheduled performances, downsize staff, and search for a smaller venue to accommodate the diminishing crowds.

The decline of the New York City Opera, currently the second-largest opera company in New York City, may have been influenced by the company's decision to present more challenging, modern works, as opposed to familiar classics such as Carmen and Madame Butterfly.

The decision to change venues has not been well-received by all; according to the Associated Press, the American Guild of Musical Artists, the union representing opera workers, may file unfair labor practice charges against the New York City Opera, if the company does indeed move.