Hostels in New York City

Staying at a hostel in New York City is a fantastic option for those on a budget. New York Hostels are a cheap place to stay and given their proximity to many of the popular attractions in and around Manhattan, Brooklyn and the other boroughs, a hostel may also be the smartest place to stay.

NYC Hostels are generally cheaper to operate than a hotel and in turn, offer cheaper rates to the guest. Many hostels feature shared bathrooms and kitchens and common areas that provide for a less formal, more open and social environment. Some offer sleeping accommodations in a dormitory or group setting so if you are looking for more privacy, a hostel may not be your thing. One thing is for sure however - if you are planning a trip to NYC, are on a budget and looking for cheap accommodations, a New York hostel may be the perfect option.

"I wanted to spend my money on other things in New York like shows and going out at night so staying in a hostel in New York City made total sense. My friends and I stayed for 4 nights, spend a few hundred bucks and loved it! I also met some great people from all over the world!" - Amanda P.

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