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New York TV and Movie Sites Tour

New York TV and Movie Sites Tour NYC

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New York TV and Movie Sites Tour Information

New York TV and Movie Sites Tour Info

Ticket Info:
Teenagers and Adults - $41 + $2 ticket fee

Daily 11am

3.5 hours/ 40+ sites

When to Go:

Tour Highlights:
Famous TV and Movie Sites

Age Restriction:
Recommened for kids 5+

Important Information

  • Advance ticket purchases required.

New York TV and Movie Sites Tour Quick Facts

  • Visit the apartment building from Friends
  • Visit The Original Soup Man featured on Seinfeld
  • See the deli where Meg Ryan “enjoyed” her pastrami sandwich in When Harry Met Sally
  • Come ready to sing TV theme songs!

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Gina Hornung

Joined: November 2010


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Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 11/11

Re-live your Favorite TV and Movie Moments throughout NYC!

The TV and Movie Sights tour was my first experience with On Locations Tours, and I was blown away with how entertained I was throughout the 2.5 hours aboard the bus.  The bus left from Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square, which was super easy to get to, just a few blocks from the Times Square subway station, where every line crosses. My guide, Gary was a human encyclopedia for New York City sights in films and on television.  Being that the bus was set for an 11am departure, I was pleasantly surprised that they allow food and drinks on the very comfortable bus.  Gary gave us time to grab a coffee and a snack before boarding and there was a bathroom aboard the bus.

From Friends to the Cosby Show, to Hitch, When Harry Met Sally, Elf, Home Alone, Spiderman and so many more, Gary was able to not only point out each site and explain each scene of the locations we passed by, but could also answer questions the passengers had, proving his wide range of knowledge.  It was honestly impressive.

My favorite part of the On Location tours is that they play clips of the TV show and movie scenes, just after you’ve gone by them so you can re-live those moments on the screen and recognize the famous spots.  The tour offers a lot of information, not just on the movies and shows featured, but about the actual industry and filming processes.  Most, if not all of the tour guides with On Locations are also actors, so they have inside information that you won’t get on other tours.

Along the way there were trivia questions with prizes awarded for correct answers.  There were a few stops that allowed passengers to get off the bus and explore some of these famous backdrops, such as Washington Square Park, the NY Fire Station featured in Ghost Busters, the Friends apartments in West Village, home of the Huxtables from the Cosby Show, and shopping in SoHo, where the Kardashian-owned Dash store is. 

The list of TV and movie memories you’ll relive on this tour is unbelievable, and besides new-found knowledge, guests on this tour will also walk away with a famous Black and White cookie and a pamphlet listing all the sights you’ve seen, so that you can remember them and go back and visit them again. I would absolutely recommend this tour to fans of pop culture – even the most knowledgeable fans are bound to learn a thing or two!

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New York TV and Movie Sites Tour

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Popular Tour in NYC is Entertaining and Informative

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Midtown West

Prices Starting at
$41.00 for adults & $25.00 for children

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Features: On Location Tours in NYC offers the most comprehensive New York TV and Movie Tour you'll find in the Big Apple. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the most famous NYC TV and movie locations - including tours dedicated to Friends, Seinfeld, When Harry Met Sally and more - with their popular TV and Movie Tour New York.

Why We Go: New York City is home to some of the most memorable TV and movie scenes of all time, and the On Location New York TV and Movie Tour leads you on an extensive tour of every significant TV and movie location in Manhattan. You'll recognize classic NYC locations like the fountain from Friends and Al's Soup Kitchen from Seinfeld when you participate in a TV and Movie Tour New York.

  • Informative: The friendly New York TV and Movie Tour guides are incredibly informative and entertaining, and keep this popular NYC tour interesting by offering up behind-the-scenes information your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Favorite NYC Movies: On Location TV and Movie Tours NY offer fun NYC tours dedicated to some of the most memorably NYC movie scenes of all time. See Peter Parker's apartment from Spiderman or the hotel from The Devil Wears Prada.
  • Comfortable Buses: Enjoy the New York TV and Movie Tour from the comfortable On Location buses, which stop periodically for NYC tourists to hop off and explore their favorite TV and movie shooting locations.

Inside Knowledge: Not only does the On Location New York TV and Movie Tour show off the most famous NYC locations, but it's also a great way to explore the most popular New York City attractions. The 3.5 hour TV and Movie Tour New York travels from Midtown to Chelsea and Tribeca, and everywhere in between. Explore NYC through the eyes of the most famous New York City sites with On Location Tours in Manhattan. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Pay Attention to Your Guide: On Location New York TV and Movie Tour guides are filled with interesting nuggets about past productions in NYC that you won't hear anywhere else. 
  • Do Bring a Friend: You and your friends can see the brownstone featured in I Am Legend and see the Mode Magazine offices from Ugly Betty. Gossip about your favorite movie and show locations and come prepared to sing theme songs!
  • Don't Forget Your Camera: With so many famous NYC attractions to document, you'll definitely want to bring your camera along no matter which TV and Movie Tour NYC you particpate in.
  • Don't Let the Bus Leave Without You: The New York TV and Movie Tour buses leave promptly, and don't wait up for stragglers. Make sure to get in line early to ensure the best seats on the On Location New York TV and Movie Tour bus.