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Ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers made the cross-country move to Los Angeles in 1957, Brooklyn sports fans have felt a bit of a void, with zero professional sports teams reppin' their city. Lucky for Brooklynites, the 55-year void will soon be filled when the New Jersey Nets relocate as the Brooklyn Nets in their new home arena: the Barclay Center at Atlantic Yards for the 2012-2013 season.

Atlantic Yards is still being built, and this massive construction site will soon be a polished 22-acre landscape community featureing the Barclay Center sports arena, office space for local Brooklyn businesses and moderately affordable housing units. 

According to Huffinton Post, an update on Barclay Center construction was released this morning, notifying fans, residents and anyone else interested that the brand new Barclay Center in Brooklyn is more than half-way completd.  The NJ Nets, soon to be Brooklyn Nets are right on track to move into their new home for next season. Stay tuned for the final product at Atlantic Yards.