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Noodle Pudding Brooklyn

Noodle Pudding Restaurant Brooklyn

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  • Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is not open on Mondays.
  • The house wine at Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is under $15 and comes highly recommended.
  • The Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is cash only.

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38 Henry St
Brooklyn , NY 11201
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Nearest Transit:
High St (A, C), Clark St (2, 3), York St (F)

Hours of Operation:
Tue.-Thu.5:30pm- 10:30pm, Fri.-Sat.5:30pm-11pm & Sun.5pm-10pm

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italian Cuisine

Noodle Pudding Brooklyn

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Noodle Pudding Brooklyn Has Amazing Italian Food at a Great Price

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Features: If you're looking for a great place for Italian food in NY that won't break the bank, look no further than Noodle Pudding Brooklyn, one of the best places to have a nice Italian meal for an affordable price. Located in Brooklyn Heights, the Noodle Pudding restaurant will be a family favorite.

Why We Dine: With a wide variety of authentic and impressive Italian dishes, Noodle Pudding NY provides great food and drink in a familiar and comfortable setting. You'll love your visit to Noodle Pudding Brooklyn for the food alone, but you'll keep coming back for the service and atmosphere.  

  • Super Lasagna: The lasagna at Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is mouthwatering and flavorful without being too heavy, as the ricotta compliments the dish instead of overwhelming it. This order at the Noodle Pudding restaurant will rarely disappoint. 
  • Great Service: The friendly and fast service at Noodle Pudding NYC will only enhance your amazing dining experience. The waitstaff will be happy to bring you more of their soft garlic bread and a bottle of wine that's taste outplays its label.
  • Comfortable Dining Room: Noodle Pudding NY has one of the nicest, most comfortable restaurant interiors in New York. You'll love the low lighting and mahogany interior of the Noodle Pudding restaurant.

Inside Knowledge: Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is closed on Mondays, but open regular hours the rest of the week. Also Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is a cash only restaurant.

We Recommend:

  • Shrimp Risotto: This creamy Italian specialty at Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is sure to satisfy any risotto fan. However at Noodle Pudding Brooklyn, the risotto type changes with the day, so order the shrimp when its available.
  • Half Roasted Chicken: This amazing dish at Noodle Pudding Brooklyn is a generous portions. Half of a roasted chicken over potatoes, leek and pancetta will leave you stuffed, happy, and satisfied with your trip to the Noodle Pudding restaurant.

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