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NRF Annual Convention NYC

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NRF Annual Convention Summary

Event Overview: For retailers looking for all of the latest news and tips in retail, you'll want to attend the NRF Annual Convention. This informative and popular convention attracts more than 22,000 retail professionals every year. The NRF Convention at the Javits Convention Center holds lectures, presentations and parties that you won't want to miss if you work in retail. 

What to Expect: The NRF Annual Convention holds some amazing lectures from the head of retail giants like PETCO, OfficeMax and Half Priced Books. You'll get some incredible insights into the retail business, and have a great time at this well-run and helpful convention.

  • Presentations: The presentations at the NRF Convention at the Javits Convention Center are something that you won't see in stores or in conventional advertising.  The NRF Annual Convention has presentations on topics from vendor and maker collaborations to sustainability in South America. 
  • Brilliant Insights: With the combination of incredible minds from the most important corners of retail, there are thousands of quality insights into the world of retail sales. You'll hear career altering information about sustainability, markets in India, and social networking at the NRF Annual Convention.
  • Big Info: Some of the big ideas in retail will be floating around at the NRF Annual Convention at the Javits Convention Center in Midtown Manhattan. You'll hear giants of retail talk about topics from the Chinese market to iPhone applications at the NRF Annual Convention.

Inside Knowledge: Every year one of the most important elements of the NRF Annual Convention is the Annual Retail Industry Luncheon (ARIL) when many important retail professionals rub elbows. 

Event Hints:  

  • Dress to Impress: If you're going to one of the biggest conferences of the year for retailers, you'll want to look your best. We suggest your best suit or dress for most of the presentations, luncheons, and exhibitions at the National Retail Federation in New York City.
  • Pricey Tickets: Some of the tickets to the NRF Annual Convention can vary in price, so here's the breakdown; full conference attendees pay $195, plus tickets to exhibitions and other events. There are more expensive tickets available, but those are also more expansive, and cover the cost of all exhibitions. For National Retail Federation members, those tickets are $395,and $595 for non-members.
  • Social Media: If you're a retailer, big or small, you can let your employees and customers know how the conference is going via social media, as the NRF Annual Convention has both a Twitter handle and a Facebook page.

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NRF Annual Convention

Until Jan 16

General Location


Event Dates

Jan 13,2013 - Jan 16,2013

Event Cost

$195 - $595

The NRF Annual Convention is a Great Place for Anyone Who Works in Retail

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Event Quick Facts

  • Free pamphlets and other handouts are available for every speaker at the NRF Annual Convention.
  • The NRF Annual Convention has been held over 100 times.
  • The NRF Annual Convention also features an exhibition on store design.

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