Manhattan Address Locator

New York Manhattan Address Locator

While navigating Manhattan NY might seem a bit confusing at first, its convenient grid system makes it easy for NYC tourists to locate any New York address, especially when using an NYC map. Numbered streets in Lower Manhattan begin around Washington Square Park, and travel all the way up to 218th St in Upper Manhattan and beyond. The streets of Manhattan run east to west, with avenues breaking them up north to south.

Whether you're riding the NYC subway, or telling your taxi cab driver where to drop you off, there are a few ways to locate just about any address in Manhattan.

Manhattan NY Address Chart

The skylight in the center of the Guggenheim museum

The skylight in the center of the Guggenheim museum

Knowing the address of your Manhattan destination doesn't guarantee you know where your going. If you have the avenue address number for your particular destination, there's a simple chart to help you locate which NYC street your destination is closest to.

  1. Take the address. (Example: Guggenheim Museum - 1071 Fifth Ave)
  2. Drop the last Figure. (Gugenheim Museum - 107)
  3. Use the chart below to determine what to do next. (For the Guggenheim, the Manhattan Address Chart Locator tells you to subtract 18 from 107, the number you got from step two.)
  4. The Guggenheim Museum is closest to 89th Street. (107-18=89)


Here is the helpful chart for locating your New York address in Manhattan:

Ave A, B, C & DAdd 3 1st Ave & 2nd AveAdd 3
3rd AveAdd 10 4th AveAdd 8
5th Ave  -up to 200Add 13
-up to 400Add 16 -up to 600Add 18
-up to 775Add 20 -from 775 to 1286Drop last figure
and subtract 18
-up to 1500Add 45 -above 2000Add 24
Ave of the AmericasSubtract 12 7th AveAdd 12
8th AveAdd 10 9th AveAdd 13
10th AveAdd 14 Amsterdam AveAdd 60
Broadway (23 to 192 St)Subtract 30 Columbus AveAdd 60
Central Park WestDivide house # by 10
and add 60
 Lexington AveAdd 22
Madison AveAdd 26 Park AveAdd 35
Riverside Dr.Divide house # by 10
and add 72 up to 165 St.
 West End AveAdd 60

Check below for other ways to locate your New York Address

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Other Ways to Locate Your New York Address

The Streets of Manhattan by Flickr User Dougtone

There are many ways to find directions in Manhattan.

In this age of modern technology, other than NY maps, there are several other ways to locate the address of your NYC destination. Here are a few simple ways to find your New York address in Manhattan.

  • Ask Your Hotel's Concierge: After all, that's what they're there for! Your NYC hotel concierge is happy to assist with you any directions you need, and can also lead you towards some of the most popular NY destinations in Manhattan. Feel free to ask your NY hotel concierge which NYC subway stop to get on and off of, as well as any other NYC address questions you might have.
  • Check Online: New York addresses and directions can easily be found online. If you find yourself in a pinch, most NY hotel front desks are happy to find directions for you, and many will even print them off if you plan on driving there yourself. 
  • Download an App: With so many NYC tourists now using smart phones, downloading an NYC map application on your phone is convenient and simple. Also, downloading GPS to your phone is helpful when driving or walking in New York City.
  • Ask for Directions: When in doubt, don't be too shy to ask for directions to your Manhattan NY address. New Yorkers get it all the time, and the majority of them are happy to send you in the right direction. 

Perhaps the best advice we can give you when attempting to find a NYC address from the streets of New York is to keep your phone charged, and have a plan before you leave. Check the NYCTourist map of New York ahead of time to plan your route, and use your phone in case you get lost. Then again, with so much to see and do in New York City, it's not a bad idea to travel slightly off the beaten path during your vacation in NYC.-