West Eleventh

West Eleventh

Published On: Nov 07, 2006

West Eleventh
278 West 11th Street
New York, NY 1004

Visiting New York City means experiencing one of kind sights and points of interest that wouldn't be found anywhere else. Nestled in Manhattan's west side area lies such a place called Greenwich Village, a neighborhood well known for its rich history and active culture. This is where the West Eleventh is located.

This New York townhouse is delightfully adorned and boasts a variety of pleasant apartments to choose from. With apartment names mimicking such famous artists as Marcucci, Monet, Leonardo, Caravaggio, and El Greco, it's no wonder that all accommodations are elegantly furnished and bare beautiful artwork. Not only will one experience warm lavish decor, high-tech amenities have made their way in to certain rooms like flat screen televisions with HDTV, wireless Internet access, DSL connections, CD players, digital cable, VCR's, stereos, and air conditioning. Each apartment can serve as a home to the perfect New York City getaway, or a romantic weekend away from the stress of everyday life.

What makes this bed and breakfast even more perfect is its location. When it comes to visiting New York City, finding hotel accommodations that are near areas that make the city special is key, and staying at the West Eleventh, one could find just that. Within walking distance are several educational facilities like New York University and the Parsons School of Design. Famous attractions and sights are not too far, only minutes from this bed and breakfast, like Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Times Square.

The West Eleventh is the bed and breakfast that provides more than just cozy lodging; it's a place where one could really experience the famous Greenwich Village, one of New York City's most attractive neighborhoods.

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