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On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond Broadway NYC

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  • The 2005 revival of On Golden Pond starred Broadway legend James Earl Jones.
  • On Golden Pond the play was nominated for two Tony Awards in 2005.
  • On Golden Pond debuted on Broadway in 1979, and its famous film version was the winner of three Academy Awards,

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Show Dates:
April 7, 2005- June 26, 2005

Cort Theater
138 W 48th S
New York, New York 10036
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On Golden Pond

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Features: Starring the legendary actor James Earl Jones, the revival of the 1970's play, On Golden Pond, enjoyed a successful 2005 run at the Cort Theater in Manhattan. Telling the story of an elderly couple spending one final summer in their Maine Summer home, On Golden Pond Broadway was nominated for two Tony Awards.

Why We Go: Most audience members went to this Broadway revival to see the famous James Earl Jones. While the rest of the cast of On Golden Pond NYC was critically-acclaimed, the show was forced to end prematurely after Mr. Jones came down with pneumonia, ending its brief but successful Broadway run.

  • Familiar Story: On Golden Pond was a popular Broadway play in the 1970's before moving to the big screen and earning three Academy Awards in 1981. The familiar story - about family reconciliations in the twilight of one couple's marriage - made On Golden Pond the play a popular revival on Broadway in 2005.
  • James Earl Jones: James Earl Jones earned a Tony Award nomination for his portrayal of Norman Thayer in On Golden Pond, a retired professor dealing with memory loss. The critical buzz - and the fact that Mr. Jones had a long career of Broadway and film success - made On Golden Pond the play a hot Broadway ticket in 2005.

Inside Knowledge: For theater enthusiasts who missed their chance to see the revival of On Golden Pond, don't sweat it - there are a few different ways to enjoy this classic story. The 1981 film is still in circulation today, as is the 2001 made-for-TV live theater production starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring the Kids: This family-friendly Broadway play offers an approprate message for theater-goers of all ages, and young kids will surely relate to the youngest character in On Golden Pond Broadway, Billy Ray, Jr.
  • Do Check Out the Cort Theater: The home of the 2005 revivial of On Golden Pond, the Cort Theater NYC is a classic Broadway theater that doesn't offer a bad seat in the house. This NYC theater is worth visiting no matter what show is playing.
  • Don't Forget the Tissues: This beautiful story of family reconciliation will have you grabbing for the tissues when the curtain curtains fall.
  • Don't Miss Terrific Broadway Acting: The star of On Golden Pond Broadway, James Earl Jones, can be seen in the 2011 revival of the Broadway classic Driving Miss Daisy.

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