Open House NYC

Open House NYC

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Open House NYC Summary

Event Overview: Open House NYC is a weekend event in October celebrating the beautiful architecture of New York City. Spanning all five boroughs of NYC, Open House NY is the country's largest event dedicated to archiecture and design, and features exclusive tours, workshops, family activities and more.

What to Expect: The Big Apple is famous for its stunning architecture, and Open House NYC celebrates these beautiful engineering marvels with an annual event in NY that is free to the public.

  • Guided Tours: Tours at Open House NYC are some of the most popular attractions at this famous NYC event. Open House 2010 featured a hard-hat tour of the World Trade Center, as well as access to the beautiful Chrysler Building in Manhattan.
  • Workshops: Enjoy workshops and lectures led by some of the most prominent designers and architects in NYC at Open House NY.
  • Exclusive Access: Open House Manhattan offers visitors unparalleled access to some of the most famous landmarks in NYC. Past events at Open House NYC have included a night lighting tour at the famous Bank of America Tower at Bryant Park, and even a sneak peak at New York's most popular new park, The High Line NYC.

Inside Knowledge: Open House New York is spread throughout NYC, and draws close to 200,000 visitors annually. Check the list of events online ahead of time so you can pick and choose which destinations and events you wish to attend at Open House NY.

Event Hints:

  • Bring the Family: Open House Manhattan offers plenty of family-friendly NYC attractions and events that visitors will enjoy participating in. Past family workshops at Open House NY have included costume design shops at the Skyscraper Museum NYC, as well as more arts and crafts activities at the Children's Museum of Arts New York.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: With all the walking you'll be doing during Open House NYC Weekend, you'll want to make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes. Also, prepare for the unpredictable October weather in NYC by bringing along a sweater.

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Open House NYC

Until Oct 13

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Oct 12,2013 - Oct 13,2013

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Open House NY Celebrates the Architecture of New York City

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Event Quick Facts

  • Open House NYC celebrates the architecture of New York City with a weekend of free tours, workshops, family events and more.
  • Open House New York takes place throughout the five boroughs of NYC.
  • This popular New York event gives NYC tourists the chance to tour some of the most popular NYC landmarks for free.



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