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Pagan Pride Day Festival NYC

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Pagan Pride Day Festival Summary

Event Overview: The Pagan Pride Day Festival was founded to advance religious diversity and to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, and community. This festival, held every year at Ellison Park in Rochester, New York, features percussive live music and dancing.

What to Expect: Because the Pagan Pride Day Festival is still in its infancy, and therefore relatively small, you can expect a warm, inviting community, an intimate atmosphere, and fun festivities. In 2010, the Festival featured 25 merchant booths, two special guest speakers, two musical groups, one belly dance troupe, 13 workshops, a drum circle, and one top-notch food vendor.

  • Dancing: In 2010, the Pagan Pride Day Festival in New York City featured provocative belly dancing by Desert Rhythms Belly Dance Troupe and rhythmic English folk dancing by Snowbelt Morris Dancers. Performances included group numbers, solos, and duets.
  • Fire Eating: Attendees of the Pagan Pride Day Festival can also expect dazzling fire shows. In 2010, the Festival featured a performance by DragonWolf Inferno, the talented duo of Jareth Graves and Ruth Outhouse. Their show incorporates belly dancing, fire breathing, and fire eating.

Inside Knowledge: The Pagan Pride Day NY Festival was founded in 1999 by Sandy Caswell and her friends to promote religious tolerance and diversity. The first festival attracted 120 people; now it attracts, on average, close to 700, not including vendors, volunteers, and performers. It is held each year in Ellison Park, in Rochester, New York.

Event Hints:

  • Bring a Can of Food: The Pagan Pride Day Festival is held by a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of religious diversity and tolerance. Admission to this fun NY festival is the donation of a canned or non-perishable food item. (In 2010, the Festival collected nearly 500 lbs. of canned food, which it then donated to its charity of choice, AIDS Rochester.)
  • Keep an Open Mind: The Pagan Pride Day Festival admits people of all faiths. Those who choose to attend are happy to talk about their beliefs in a respectful way; in fact, open religious discourse is what the festival is all about. When you attend the Pagan Pride Day Festival, remember to keep an open mind.
  • Don't Be Shy: The Pagan Pride Day Festival is still a relatively small gathering, with an average attendace of just under 700. The people who attend the festival are friendly and encouraging. We recommend socializing in one of the Pagan Pride Day Festival workshops. You never know: you might make a few lifelong friends!

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Pagan Pride Day Festival



Ellison Park
395 Richs Dugway Road
Rochester, US
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Event Date

Sep 28,2013

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Live Music and Dancing at the Pagan Pride Day Festival

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Event Quick Facts

  • The Pagan Pride Day NY Festival aims to advance religious diversity and tolerance.
  • The Pagan Pride Day NY Festival is held in Ellison Park in Rochester, New York.
  • The Pagan Pride Day NYC Festival begins at 10am and ends at 6:30pm.


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