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Save time, money, and avoid stress by searching for and booking guaranteed parking spaces in advance with Parking Panda. Drivers no longer need to fight through NYC traffic hoping that a nearby garage has availability for a reasonable price. Reserve a space with Parking Panda and rest easy knowing exactly how much you’ll pay for parking, where the garage or lot is located, and most importantly that a space is waiting for you on the other end of your journey. 

Parking Panda

Parking Panda

*Promotions listed are subject to change without notice and based on availability. We make no guarantee that the promotions listed are available.

Parking Panda

What to Know:

Parking Panda provides stress-free, guaranteed parking reservations at over 300 parking garages in and around New York City. Booking a parking space in advance alleviates the hectic experience of circling the block trying to find a place to leave your car! 

  • Park Smart, Park Happy - Headed into New York City for a weekend or a night on the town? Outsmart the crowd by hopping on the Parking Panda website or downloading the app to view all of the available parking options near your destination. You can compare prices at nearby garages and make a reservation at one that works best for you for the time period you need. Gone are the days of coughing up more money than you want just to end the madness of finding parking.
  • Save Time and Money! - Many of the garages that Parking Panda works with offer “online discounts” that are exclusively available by booking on our platform. Locations marked with a green price tag are guaranteed to cost less online than they would if you paid directly at the garage! Staying at a hotel for the weekend? Hotel parking can be astronomically expensive. Make use of Parking Panda to find a garage right down the street for half the cost!
  • Your Space Is Waiting For You, Guaranteed - Make a reservation through Parking Panda and your space is 100% guaranteed. Even if the garage 
Inside Knowledge:

Oversized vehicles typically cost an additional fee in New York City. Please check the details listed on each parking location before purchasing for further information. Reservations are refundable up to the start time of your reservation, unless otherwise noted. Your parking pass will be emailed to you after purchase or appear immediately in the app. Plus, Parking Panda is available in over 40 cities nationwide - download the free Parking Panda app and book parking nationwide! 

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  • Parking Panda is the easiest way to search for, compare, and reserve guaranteed parking space in New York City.
  • Save money by booking rates that are only available online.
  • Reservations through Parking Panda are 100% guaranteed. Your space will be waiting for you, so relax and park happy.

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