The Best Ways to See the Statue of Liberty Until It Reopens on July 4, 2013, by

The Best Ways to See the Statue of Liberty Until It Reopens on July 4, 2013, by

New Yorkers and tourists alike are eagerly anticipating the July 4, 2013 reopening of the Statue of Liberty, as nothing quite personifies the Big Apple like this majestic NYC attraction. Since Hurricane Sandy, the beautiful Lady Liberty has been closed to visitors, leaving seeing her from afar as the only way to experience this NYC icon.

Summer, and July 4th in particular, are great times to visit New York City, and the reopening of the Statue of Liberty will make this time of year even better. For now though, there are still plenty of great ways to see the Statue of Liberty. has named the top ways to view the Statue of Liberty right now, as no trip to New York City is complete without at least catching a glimpse of this NYC landmark, both before it opens and after.

New York City Boat Tours
Departing on a NYC boat cruise is a fantastic way to see the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline that will appeal to the whole family.

  • The New York Sailing Experience offers up fantastic NYC tours aboard a tall ship or a historic schooner. These NYC boat tours will circle around the Statue of Liberty, with plenty of opportunities to commemorate the memorable experience by taking a picture of the statue in all of its majestic glory, or of one of the other New York City landmarks you’ll be able to spot from the boat. 
  • The CircleLine Full Island Cruise is another fabulous option, as this three-hour NYC boat tour will take visitors around to over 25 of the most popular NYC attractions, including the Statue of Liberty and all five of the city’s boroughs.
  • A unique twist on the traditional NYC sightseeing experience is taking a guided tour of the city on a MuscleCraft jet ski. Ride past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, under the Brooklyn Bridge, over to Coney Island and more with Jetty Jumpers NYC! Snap up close and personal photos of America’s most famous landmark that rival any postcard, and expect an exhilarating ride through the Hudson River and to some of the other best NYC attractions. Perfect for the impending warm weather seasons, Jetty Jumpers NYC will make visitors the envy of all their friends back home when they hear they went on this fun and thrilling tour of the Big Apple.

From the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the many must-see NYC attractions to check out on a trip, and the fact that stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline await is just another reason to be sure to include a visit to this legendary spot. Walk, rent a bike and cruise across or take a guided tour (on foot or bike) over the Brooklyn Bridge. The views offered at this NYC landmark are truly unparalleled, and guests can stop to take in the sights at their own pace if they choose to bike across.

Want awesome pictures of your entire group with the skyline and Lady Liberty? Check out one of the New York City photo tours like the PhotoTrek Private Tour with Personal Photographer. Your photographer will double as a tour guide who escorts visitors around to the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Empire State Building and more top locations around the city, taking professional photos every step of the way for you to cherish forever.

From Battery Park
Battery Park is a 25-acre, 200 year-old park renowned for its lush greenery and myriad things to do. One of the most popular things to do at this NYC park includes hopping on a ferry and setting out around the Hudson, taking in the ideal views of the Statue of Liberty. Visitors who don’t quite have their sea legs can still take in the Statue of Liberty by relaxing on one of the park benches, or by going for a leisurely stroll around the park’s premises. Rent a bike to cover more of the territory and see the Statue of Liberty from different angles.

See the Statue of Liberty From Above
There are two ways to do this: in a helicopter flying over NYC or on a virtual tour. Fly high from one of the best helicopter tours in NYC, seeing all of the famous attractions from above on a one in a lifetime, thrilling experience! Want to see NYC from above without the actual adrenaline rush?

Rather than riding in a helicopter or walking all over the various neighborhoods and boroughs, take a virtual tour of the city with the NY Skyride - a virtual tour simulator at the Empire State Building. Narrated by Kevin Bacon, this 30-minutes virtual tour covers all the best sights in New York, including Times Square, Yankees Stadium, the Statue of Liberty and more! It feels like this tour flies over the city, without actually getting into a helicopter to do so.