Biking in New York City: Announces the NYC Biking Sharing System to Launch in May 2013

Biking in New York City: Announces the NYC Biking Sharing System to Launch in May 2013

Biking is one of the best ways to experience New York City as a tourist or a local, and traveling through NYC on bike is getting even easier with the announcement that this May 2013, the long-awaited New York City bike sharing system will be underway. Citi Bike docking stations are already beginning to crop up all over Manhattan and in the five boroughs. These plastic and steel docking stations are solar-powered, and will soon be the focal point of NYC’s newest transit system.

The majority of the largest docks will be in the proximity of the busiest subway and bus stations in the city, and planners are expecting that the most popular areas of the NYC Bike Sharing program will be in the Financial District and Midtown, where people already commute and travel a great deal. There will be 293 dock stations scattered throughout New York City to start, but the organizers of the undertaking eventually want to expand to include 600 stations and up to 10,000 bikes. A New York City map will prove helpful to have on hand to decide the right dock station and path for every NYC Tourist on their trip.

Citi Bike was supposed to be up and running last summer, but has faced several delays due to the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy and technical glitches with the software that will be used to track the bikes. Now that all of the stumbles have been smoothed out, the anticipation for the launch of this new mode of transportation seems to be even higher. Unlike the NYC subway and bus systems, the bike sharing program is privately funded by Citi Group, and will not use public funding to finance any of their costs.

While waiting for the official start of this NYC biking program, anyone eager to explore the city via bicycle should rent a bike for a thrilling way to see the many New York City attractions and sights. Biking in New York City is a great way to go sightseeing, as it allows tourists to cover more ground than walking would permit, but also gives visitors the opportunity to get closer to New York City attractions than a bus or car would. Plan an exhilarating ride through world-famous Central Park, or cruise along the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and take in the gorgeous Manhattan skyline from the vantage point of the bridge.

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