What’s New on Broadway? NYCTourist.com Announces The Latest News for Some of The Top Broadway Shows This Season

What’s New on Broadway? NYCTourist.com Announces The Latest News for Some of The Top Broadway Shows This Season

Stars are hitting the stages, performing in the hottest Broadway roles and attending these amazing performance. Even some of the longest running shows have something new to offer tourists, and from the new cast members to the current cast’s newest accomplishments, there’s always something to celebrate about NYC’s Broadway shows. Check out the latest Broadway show deals, hottest news or see something never seen before on Broadway this summer. NYCTourist.com announces the latest news on the top Broadway shows in NYC this summer.

Wicked The Musical
One of the most loved shows on Broadway, Wicked The Musical has won 35 major awards including the Grammy and three Tony Awards. The show reveals the untold story of the witches of Oz that was going on long before Dorothy came to the magical land of Oz. Many know the story, the songs and the two witches, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. As of July 1, 2013 though, there are new things happening in the cast of Wicked. Emmy Award winner Carol Kane returned to the production of Wicked on the first of the month, starring again as Madame Morrible, replacing Randy Danson. The cast still include favorites such as Lindsay Mendez as Elphaba, Katie Rose Clarke as Glinda, Adam Grupper as The Wizard, and many more.

Mamma Mia!
Laurie Veldheer is the newest Sophie Sheridan in Broadway’s long-running hit Mamma Mia! Laurie is succeeding Christy Altomare, who had been playing the role of Sophie since June 2012. Many may recognize Veldheer from her Broadway debut in Newsies. For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Sophie Sheridan (Veldheer), invites three of her possible dads to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, without the knowledge of her mother Donna. The show is currently playing at the Winter Garden Theatre, but the production is scheduled to relocate to the Broadhurst Theatre later this year (2013). Mamma Mia! has been playing at the Winter Garden Theatre since it opened on October 18, 2001, so this will be quite the transition for the show.

In addition to being in a musical that everyone loves and raves, 4 members of the Newsies Broadway cast have something new to celebrate: a highschool diploma! Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton and twins Jacob and David Guzman all recently walked across a different kind of stage at their high school graduations. They’re not the only ones moving on up though. Newsies’ Kara Lindsay also recently married former Memphis star Kevin Massey on June 2, 2013. These new additions to the stars won’t have much of an effect on the show - meaning it will still be as great as ever, if not better. The success of these stars continues to grow, and there’s little doubt that this will be the last of their good news.

The Lion King on Broadway
The Lion King is one of the classic stories that NYC tourists of all ages can appreciate, adore and sing along to. The Lion King on Broadway is the 5th longest-running show in the entire history of Broadway, and it now welcomes the return of Gareth Saxe, Scar. Saxe first appeared in the Broadway musical in June 2010, and has been performing on and off in off-Broadway shows since. The Lion King is the highest grossing show on Broadway always a good choice for all, even Julia Roberts was seen taking her kids to the hit show!