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Rare View Rooftop Lounge

Rare View NYC

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Rare View Rooftop Lounge Summary

Rare View Rooftop Lounge Information

Rare View Rooftop Lounge Info

Murray Hill


303 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
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Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Fri. 4:30pm-11pm Sat. 6pm-11pm

Rooftop View


Noise Level:

Cover Charge:


Spaced Seating

Rare View Rooftop Lounge Quick Facts

  • Rare View Rooftop Bar open to hotel guests when lounge is not open.
  • Private party catering available at the Rare View Bar
  • Rare View NYC rooftop views of Empire State Building and Chrysler Building

Nearest Transit:
Grand Central (4, 5, 6, 7, S)

Dress Code:

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Rare View Rooftop Lounge Reviews

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Jason Bushey

Joined: November 2010



Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 08/12

Rare View - Kind of a bummer when it rains...

Alright, shame on me for trying to hit up a rooftop bar when it had been raining all night. But hey, the storm had passed, the night was young and it was my last evening in NYC. So I went for it...

...And was (politely) denied.

OK, it wasn't just me - the Rare View rooftop bar had been closed all night after on-again, off-again rain storms. (Which also washed away my hopes of visiting the new Yankee Stadium, too.) However, I was able to order a drink at the quiet bar downstairs (it was fine, but man was it dead in there), and the staff couldn't have been more polite when I asked a number of (admittedly) odd questions about the rooftop bar.

So, straight from the bartender's (his name is lost on me, I'm terrible with names), here's what you can expect at the Rare View Rooftop Bar on Lexington...

1.) Chill crowd. This isn't a night club, so don't come to dance. There are some decent views of the skyline and the Chrysler Building. (I'm told.) There's also some couches to chill out in. Overall, I like the sound of this.

2.) There's a DJ, but he's not exactly playing house music. Again, don't come to dance your face off.

3.) The drinks are pricey. Actually, I can tell you this first-hand. But you only get so many chances to drink a Brooklyn Lager, am I right?

4.) It closes when it rains. It does not re-open on a Wednesday night once the rain has stopped. Again, this is first-hand information.

Alright, so why am I recommending Rare View? Well, the staff was killer, the beer was cold and, on the right night, it sounds like a solid rooftop hangout, which is a "Rare" thing to find in New York. See what I did there? OK, I'll stop...

...But do me a favor and have one for me when you get to the rooftop. I'll make it someday... 

Venue Hotel


Affinia Shelburne Manhattan is a modern NY hotel with the exterior of the old brownstone design popular in Murray Hill. However, on the inside, hotel guests will find beautiful and comfortable renovations to that have taken this classic building into the 21st-Century. Featuring spacious guest rooms close to public transit and shopping, the Affinia Shelburne NYC is a great place to stay at in Manhattan.

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Rare View Rooftop Lounge

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Breathtaking Views at the Rare View Rooftop Bar

Located in


Murray Hill

Price Range:

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Features: Rare View Rooftop Bar is an extension to the Affinia Shelburne New York and the Rare Bar and Grill restaurant. The Rare View Bar offers a place for friends and co-workers to gather for a drink while taking in views of some of New York City's skyscrapers.

Why We Go: The Rare View NYC Rooftop Bar offers plenty of space for guests to relax as well as a great spot for views.

  • Views: As with other rooftop lounges, the scenery from atop the Rare View Bar is incredible. Take in the city's highlights, such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.
  • Plenty of Space: The Rare View NYC Rooftop Bar has plenty of space available for guests to walk around, as well as ample seating. This ensures that guests can enjoy the lounge in comfort.

Inside Knowledge: The Rare View Bar is open to hotel guests when the lounge is closed. At this time, guests under 21 years of age can come up to check out the view of the city from the Rare View Rooftop Bar.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Check Out NYC During Sunset: Make sure you see a view of New York City from the Rare View Bar when the sun comes down, as the rooftop view is absolutely breathtaking!
  • Do Relax: The music is low and the space is open. You will have no problems having a conversation and a few drinks with friends, as the attitude and ambiance of the Rare View Rooftop Lounge is laid back.
  • Don't Come Hungry: With the exception of private catering, no real food is offered at the Rare View Rooftop Lounge other than complimentary bar snacks. If you need a full meal, be sure to get one before coming up.
  • Don't Come On Sunday: The Rooftop Bar and Lounge is closed on Sundays. Don't show up expecting to enjoy the lounge that day!

Venue Amenities

  • City Views
  • Full Bar
  • Near Public Transit
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Premier Location
  • Private Parties
  • Rooftop
  • Small Atmosphere