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  • Rock of Ages Broadway features classic 1980's metal hits and power ballads from Styx, Journey and many others.
  • Rock of Ages NYC organized the Guinness World Record of "Largest Air Guitar Ensemble" in July, 2009.
  • Like any good rock concert would, beer vendors walk up and down the aisles of Rock of Ages the Musical selling cold, delicious brews.

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Show Dates:
April, 2009 - Ongoing

Helen Hayes Theater
240 W 44th Street
New York, New York 10019
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Rock of Ages Broadway

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'80's Rock Opera Pays Tribute to Hair Metal

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Times Square

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Features: Rock of Ages the Musical is a wildly entertaining NY show on Broadway that pays tribute to glam rock and heavy metal of the 1980's. Fluff up your hair, dig up those tights from the back of your closet, and maybe even throw on a little bit of eyeliner - it's time to rock Broadway style!  Featuring classic hard rock hits, a boy-meets-girl 80's-style story, and a rocking house band that keeps the songs coming, Rock of Ages Broadway will leave you head banging long after the final chord.

Why We Go: While a lot of the music from the 1980's has (thankfully) been forgotten, there are still a few rock classics from the Reagan Era that have stood the test of time. Enjoy tracks from Journey, Styx, Bon Jovi and more as you relive your glory days at Rock of Ages Broadway.

  • '80's Rock Classics: Introducing 1980's hair metal to a whole new generation, the Rock of Ages Broadway soundtrack features classic rock hits like "Don't Stop Believin," "The Final Countdown" and "Keep on Loving You" performed like you've never seen before.
  • Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Rock of Ages NYC has everything you would expect from a rock opera on Broadway - beautiful women, a rocking soundtrack, and over-the-top pyrotechnics that will take your breath away.

Inside Knowledge: Forgot your lighter? No big deal. Grab a complimentary LED lighter from the helpful Helen Hayes Theater staff and raise 'em high during the many monster ballads featured in Rock of Ages Broadway.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Expect Comedy: The classic rock songs featured in Rock of Ages Broadway carry the fun and surprisingly hilarious plot from one scene to the next. When you're not rocking, you'll be laughing - what more can you ask for from a rock opera on Broadway?
  • Do (Try to) Remain Seated: We know it's tough, but try and refrain from starting a "quiet riot" while watching Rock of Ages the Musical.
  • Don't Miss the Beer Vendors: Beer vendors walk up and down the aisles of Rock of Ages NYC selling cold brews for this unique Broadway crowd.
  • Don't Bring the Young Ones: Rock of Ages on Broadway is appropriate for kids 13 and above.

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