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Rockaway Jet Ski Information

Rockaway Jet Ski Info

Ticket Info:
Packages start at $80 for the half hour tour

11am- 7pm

Varies depending on tour.

When to Go:
Spring and Summer.

Tour Highlights:
Ride up close to the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Age Restriction:
Must be over 18 to ride their own jet ski, but minors can be a passenger with parental consent.

Rockaway Jet Ski Quick Facts

  • Rockaway's Jet Ski's offer the unique experience sightseeing in NYC by Jet Ski, Kayaks, and Stand Up Paddle Board! Experience breathtaking views of top NYC attractions in a way you never have before.
  • These Jet Ski tours run seven days a week from 11 am- 7 pm, weather permitting and reservation required
  • Rockaway Jet Ski offers several different rental and tour options which range from a half hour to full days, and even multiple day excursions a few times a year

375 Beach 92nd Street
Rockaway Beach, US

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Rockaway Jet Ski - Exhilarating, thrilling and a lot of fund

My wife and I have done 3 rentals at Rockaway Jet Ski in the past year, and we loved them all. Our first experience was the half-hour rental (in 2012), and we just did the sunset tour (2013) and the NYC harbor tour (2013). We had an absolutely thrilling experience with all our rentals.

The half-hour jet ski rental is an ideal way to experience a jet ski if you’ve never been on one before. It takes place in Jamaica Bay where the water is generally very still and calm, and there’s with very little boat traffic. This rental is done without a tour guide, and you’re asked to stay in an area of the bay between two bridges. But you have plenty of room to maneuver and to open up the jet ski to full speed.

The Sunset tour was our 2nd rental with Rockaway Jet Ski. This tour is also entirely in Jamaica Bay, but you get a tour guide (we had Glenn) who takes you beyond the limited area used for the half-hour rentals. You’re taken around to see different points of interest like JFK, some wildlife areas, and parts of the Rockaways. It’s called a sunset tour because you actually watch the sun go down at the end of the tour while you’re on the water on your jet ski, and it really is a beautiful sight and experience.

The NYC Harbor tour was our most recent rental. This tour starts in Jamaica Bay, and then heads out to the ocean past Coney Island, under the Verrazano Bridge and into the New York City harbor. Once you leave Jamaica Bay the water is definitely rougher. It’s probably roughest by the Verrazano Bridge since you have the East and Hudson rivers meeting the Atlantic Ocean, and boat traffic. Since we were a small group, and each on our own jet ski, our tour guide (again, Glenn) decided that we could move fast enough to go all the way around Manhattan. So, we went up the East River, saw the Brooklyn and 59th Street bridges, the U.N., Yankee Stadium, the C Rock (a giant blue and white “C” of Columbia University painted on the cliff wall), and up the Harlem River. Going down the Hudson River, we went under the George Washington Bridge, passed the Intrepid, refueled at a gas dock in New Jersey, went by the Statue of Liberty (where a police boat reminded us about staying clear of the security zone) and then we headed back to the Rockaways. I was surprised to see how calm the water was in the upper portions of the East River. It was a thrilling experience to see Manhattan this way - it sure beats the Circle Line! We stopped at various points of interest to take pictures, talk about how amazing everything was, and how glad we were to be on it.

Some tips and tidbits to be help make your experience more enjoyable:

- There’s some paperwork to be completed with each rental. This includes some legal documents and a safety sheet. In addition, if you booked your rental with a Zozi deal (or similar), you’ll have to pay the tax on the rental when you arrive (Zozi and the like leave the job of tax collection to the actual merchant). Lastly, Rockaway Jet Ski pre-authorizes a $500 security deposit on your credit card for the jet ski. If you don’t damage your jet ski, they don’t put the charge through. All of this takes some time, so be prepared for about 15-20 minutes of this paperwork. If you booked your tour online, the time shown is for this ‘check-in,’ not when you actually get on the jet ski.

- For rentals that stay within Jamaica Bay, two people on a jet ski works out just fine. However, if your rental takes you out of the bay I would strongly recommend that you each have your own jet ski. I think the person riding on the back won't enjoy their experience as much in the rougher waters, with all the spray, etc.

- With all rentals there is plenty of opportunity at various stops to jump into the water and cool off. But be forewarned, it can be an effort to climb back on your jet ski – doing this requires some upper body strength. On one of our tours, I heard one of the other jet ski riders say he wasn’t going into the water specifically because he feared not being able to pull himself up on to the jet ski again. If you’re nervous about it, consider trying it while the jet ski is still at the dock (you can use dock’s ladder as a last resort).

- On the two tours we took with Glenn, he took pictures (at no extra charge) with his cellphone. Check out all Glenn's photos on the Rockaway Jet Ski's Facebook page. While I was concerned about taking my own cellphone on the jet ski, I did take an old digital camera I had, and kept it in a zip-lock bag (along with a paper towel to help wipe the lens if needed), which I put it in the small easily accessible compartment on the jet ski. - Although wet-suits were made available to us (no extra charge), the Mrs. and I chose not to wear them – even on the four hour tour to Manhattan. We were both concerned about getting too warm, and we were very happy with our decisions.

- For longer tours, consider taking along a small bottle of sunscreen to reapply periodically. The small compartment on the jet ski is perfect for storing a small bottle. Although we kept reapplying the sunscreen to our face, arms, neck, etc. we both forget to apply it to our legs which were pretty red by the end of the day. On one of the tours, I wore a t-shirt to help protect from the sun. I think it was a good move to help prevent sun burn, even though it was soaked by the end of the tour.

- The jet skis can go about 50mph. So, if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to find that you’re a good distance from the rest of the group. My wife and I tried to stay relatively close to each other. If you can’t buddy up with someone, look to stay close to one of the guides. On our tours we had Glenn in the lead and Matthew or Ethan trailing the group to help ensure no one got separated.

- I strongly recommend sun glasses, and suggest a neck strap so you don’t lose them. The salt spray can sting the eyes, so you may want to consider goggles for a tour that leaves Jamaica Bay (since there’s a lot more spray in the ocean and the NYC harbor area).

- Unless your hat or visor has a chin-strap, you’ll probably lose it to the wind at the higher speeds (we did).

- The small compartment on the jet ski is a great place to stash some supplies. As mentioned, we used it for sunscreen and a digital camera. On the NYC Harbor Tour, we also took along some bottled water. I wished I had also thought to take along a quick snack like an energy bar. However, anything you take a long is at risk for getting wet, bounced around quite a bit, and dropped into the water, etc. So, don’t take along anything you absolutely don’t want to lose.

- Rockaway Jet Ski has small lockers where you can keep your wallet, car keys, cell phones, and other valuables while you’re on the water. Use their lock or bring your own, we used theirs (no extra charge for the locker or for the lock).

- You don’t get too wet on the half-hour rental, but do get pretty soaked on the longer tours. There are 2 outdoor showers at the dock so you can rinse off any salt water when your rental is over. You can stash a towel and some dry clothes in the locker (you can change in the bathroom. ) - Although, we always found a spot within several minutes, parking in the area can be a challenge (especially on the weekend), so just factor that into your timing.

The wonderful experience of a rental at Rockway Jet Ski is always enhanced by the food and drink at the Thai Rock restaurant (which is exactly the same property as Rockaway Jet Ski). If you don’t order some food and drink here after your rental, you are truly missing out. Everything on their menu is amazing, and my wife and are very fond of the Mai Tais and Ginger Mojitos (only after your rental, never before) and the Thai custard with sticky rice for dessert.

It’s important to know that safety is the top priority at Rockaway Jet Ski. Everyone on a jet ski has to wear a life vest, every rental starts off with instructions and review of hand signals, and rentals can be canceled/postponed due to threatening weather. On one occasion, I witnessed a potential customer turned away by the staff because the customer seemed intoxicated – exactly what I would expect them to do. During our 3 rentals, we never had any unexpected issues (safety or otherwise). But, when you show-up for your rental, be sure you can be flexible about the time, etc. since safety trumps everything else (as it should!).

Other reviews have mentioned some challenges in dealing with Rockaway Jet Ski on the phone. To help avoid this I suggest making your reservation entirely over the web (we did this for 2 of our 3 rentals) – where you get an immediate confirmation, and a reminder e-mail the day before. If you do have to call, try to avoid calling on the weekends (that is when they are busiest). Also, take a look at their website FAQs, Facebook page, or web-reviews to get answers to basic questions.

No review of Rockaway Jet Ski is complete without crediting the team….Robert, Glenn, Matthew and Ethan. They are first-rate, knowledgeable, helpful and just great people to talk to, or to be on a tour with. They really appreciate knowing how much you enjoyed your tour, and answering questions. If you’re at all nervous about being on a jet ski, just let them know and they’ll be sure you’re made to feel at ease. We’ve chatted with all of them during our rentals, and afterwards when we ate at Thai Rock (if they didn’t come by to say hello, we’ve invited them to sit down and chat with us for a few minutes). They are devoted to the neighborhood and investing in their business (even after being hammered by Sandy) – every business should have people as committed as they are.

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Rockaway Jet Ski

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NYC's #1 Jet Ski Rental and Tour Company! The ultimate experience of a lifetime!

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$80.00 for adults

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Features: Take an NYC Jet Ski tour from one to four hours, or rent your own jet ski and ride free style without a guide. This is the most unforgettable way to go sightseeing in NYC! Discover the Big Apple as you never have before by riding through Long Beach Island, the Harbor or the Hudson River. Cruise by the most famous NYC attractions like Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and more!

Why We Go: Rockaway's Jet Ski's offers an exhilarating way to explore the city from a whole new perspective - the beautiful waters that surround it!

  • Fantastic Photo Ops: Fill up the vacation photo album with fantastic shots of you and your friends wave skipping on a jet ski in front of some of the most famous landmarks in the world. Get a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Coney Island and more that you wouldn't have been able to take from anywhere else and then zoom on to see even more!
  • Beat the Heat: Beat the notorious Eastern seaboard heat and humidity this Spring and Summer by zipping around the waterways on this NYC jet ski tour. They offer tours in several areas, like Jamaica Bay, Sandy Hook, the NYC Harbor, or circle the whole island of Manhattan!
  • Knowledgeable Tour Guides: Never ridden a jet ski before but don't want to miss out on all the fun things to do in New York City? No problem! The Rockaway's Jet Ski's instructors are experienced and are happy to teach first-time riders the ins and outs of riding a jet ski, so that you're speeding by the best NYC attractions on your ride in no time!

Inside Knowledge: For a more relaxing option, Rockaway's Jet Ski's also offers tandem kayak rentals, so that you can row through the Big Apple's picturesque waters. Rent by the hour, or check out the awesome 2-hour Sunset Kayak Rental Package!

Do's and Don'ts: 

  • Do Customize Your Trip: Choose the best NYC jet ski tour that works for you from the available options. There are a variety of different tours that range in length and destination. Beginning riders may want to dabble in the one hour jet ski tour of Jamaica Bay, while experienced jet skiers can go for an entire day of jet skiing around beautiful New York waters.
  • Do Make a Reservation: Even though walk-ins are permitted, it is probably smart to call ahead and to reserve a spot so that all of the amenities will be guaranteed available for your trip. You won't want to miss out on a single thing they offer!
  • Don't Forget a Dry Pair of Clothes: After your trip, change out of that wetsuit and then relax and sip at cocktail at the Thai Rock Deck and Bar to unwind after your adventurous day. Many of the packages include a free drink for every rider!
  • Don't Worry About Gear: Wet suits and any other gear you may need are available to rent from Rockaway's Jet Ski's. However, if you happen to have your own wet suit or life jacket, bring it along!