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Scandalous on Broadway

Scandalous on Broadway in NYC

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  • Scandalous on Broadway is based on the first ever famous female evangelist and her controversial rise to fame.
  • Tony Award nominee Carolee Carmello stars in Scandalous on Broadway, which was written by Kathie Lee Gifford, 15-year talk show co-host of Regis and Kathie Lee.
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Show Dates:
Oct. 2012 - March 2013

Neil Simon Theatre
250 W 52nd St
New York City, New York 10019
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Scandalous on Broadway

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Scandalous on Broadway was written by the famous Kathie Lee Gifford - get your tickets today!

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Midtown West

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Features: Scandalous on Broadway is based on the book and lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford about the first famous female evangelist whose job is saving souls, and making plenty of headlines along the way.

Why We Go: Most people are intrigued by Scandalous on Broadway for the name alone, but it's also sporting a great cast and was written by someone many women know and love.

  • Because We Like a Scandal: Many people can hardly resist the idea of learning a little bit more about something scandalous, especially when it comes in the form of one of the Broadway shows - and a catchy musical at that!
  • Two Time Tony Awards: Many Broadway shows star the best of the best in the business, and Scandalous is no different! Two-time Tony Award winner George Hearn and two-time Tony Award nominee Carolee Carmello play the lead roles!
  • Famed Author: While many know Kathie Lee Gifford as the 15-year TV host alongside Regis Philbin, she's also a singer, songwriter, actress, and now, an author. We have no doubt she'll disappoint in this field either!

Inside Knowledge: Unlike many Broadway shows made up of large casts and big productions, Scandalous is played by a small but powerful cast of 20! Originally, Gifford wrote the show for two leading roles, the same character in two different stages of her life, but Carmello took on the challenge of playing them both!

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do Make It an Adult Night: The content of the show isn't R-rated, but there are plenty of other Broadway shows that are more appropriate (and more fun for them) to see with your little ones!
  • Do Buy Your Tickets Online: It can get pricey seeing shows on (and off) Broadway, especially added on to all the other things to do in New York City you're going to want to splurge on. When you buy online, you can get discounted Broadway tickets up to half the price of what you'd normally pay!
  • Don't Bring the Anti-Feminists: Gifford's intended audience for this Broadway performance and her book, according to her, is "a secular audience, people of faith and people interested in history and feminism." If you're not into that stuff, there are plenty of other musicals for you to enjoy.
  • Don't Be Late: The show starts off fast-paced from the beginning and doesn't slow down until the end, so you're not going to want to miss a second. Use our handy NYC transportation guide to help ensure you're there when the curtains open!

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