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  Anyone visiting New York City is bound to pay a visit to the Empire State Building. It's perhaps the most iconic building in all of Manhattan. And on that visit, they may just notice a particular building resting in the shadow of the Empire State Building: the Hotel Wolcott.

  The Wolcott Hotel first opened on March 1, 1904 in the Beaux-Arts style. It was one of dozens of hotels to go up along the strip, but is one of the only remaining hotels from that period. As it is said, New York is an ever-changing tapestry; its construction is never finished.

  This historic building has long been the accommodation of choice for visiting celebrities and dignitaries to the Big Apple. They choose it not only for the historic decor in the lobby and the rooms, but the world-class service that's offered to every visitor. It offers some of the best rates in Manhattan and has more than 200 rooms available for booking.

  In addition, the Wolcott has more than 265 square feet of meeting space, on-site laundry facilities for longer stays, limousine and private car services for those who would rather avoid taxis, a fitness center, world-class security and safe deposit boxes, and a multilingual staff. The Wolcott takes pains to appeal to guests from every country and culture across the globe.

  High-speed Wi-Fi access is available ensuring that guests will never experience any slowdown or bottlenecking of their connection.

Visit the Empire State Building and Skip the Line

  The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic buildings in the Unites States, let alone the entire world. The 102 story skyscraper soars above New York City, and offers an incredible and unforgettable view of New York City. From local residents to visiting tourists, seeing the city from one of the building's observation decks is a must-do in NYC.

  Beyond views, the Empire State Building is also popular due to its accessible location right on Fifth Avenue, which is possibly one of the busiest and most renowned streets in Midtown. There are also a number of restaurants, retailers and landmarks nearby, all within walking distance. So be sure to stop by and take in the views at the Empire State Building on your next visit to NYC. Your visit wouldn't be complete without it!  Buy Tickets HERE to skipe the lines with NYCTourist's Skip the Line Tickets!

Grand Central Station

  The Grand Central Station is much more than just a train station. It offers numerous shopping opportunities, world-class restaurants (including a cheesecake that is to die for), and even provides a free architectural tour. 

Ground Zero

  As the site of one of the greatest tragedies in American history, Ground Zero may not seem like a tourist attraction; however, the resolve with which the American people have rebuilt makes it a destination for many to visit. The memorials are breathtakingly beautiful and show in perfect detail the values this nation was built upon. Buy Tickets HERE to the 911 Memorial Museum.

Times Square

  Any guest coming to New York will definitely pay a visit to Times Square. Whether shopping for a 5-pound Hershey's bar at the Hershey's store, visiting H&M, Forever 21, or one of the other numerous clothing stores in the area, or simply sitting in the center and basking in one of the most iconic spaces in the world, Times Square has plenty to do to keep visitors busy.

Rockefeller Center

  Although the home of dozens of business, the Rockefeller Center is also home to melt-in-your-mouth good cuisine, shopping, and the Manhattan location of the Lego store. Visitors with children will want to swing by this location just to let their children stare in awe at the millions of Lego available on the shelves.

In addition to these walking distance attractions, the Wolcott Hotel is two blocks away from a subway station that provides easy access to the rest of Manhattan's neighborhoods. If Manhattan alone isn't enough, the subway can take guests straight to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and the rest of New York. A bus provides easy access to John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport. Visitors coming to New York on business will find it easy to get back home after their stay.

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In the Shadow of the Empire State Building