Sightseeing in New York City - Private Tours

New York cityscape over the Hudson River
Private New York Tours

Private New York Tours

Private New York Tours

If you want to customize your New York City tour and visit only the sights you think are most interesting, you should definitely book one of the many private tours in NYC. With the private tours in NY, you won't have to worry about wasting time waiting for a big a group, and you'll get a personal tour guide.

Whether you're looking to explore Manhattan with one of the family-friendly private New York City tours or you want to do something a little different and tour on a boat, NYC offers options for all tastes.  Navigating the many choices can be difficult. Luckily, we've compiled a guide to the private tours in NYC to make your trip easier.

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Times Square New York at Night

Times Square New York at Night

Landmark Private New York Tours

The best way to make the most of your visit to the top NYC landmarks is to use one of the private tours in NYC.

  • NY See It All: From shuttling you all over Manhattan to whisking you onto a boat to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, this private NYC tour delivers superior service as you see the favorite NYC sights.  Customize your stops and see why this tour is one of the best private tours in NYC.
  • NY Limo Tours: After choosing what type of limo you want to see the City in, this private tour in NYC lets you write the itinerary for your day.  Whether you want to see historical NYC sights, movie sights, or cultural sights, NY Limo Tours will help make your visit memorable.

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Washington Square Arch NYC

Washington Square Arch NYC

Family-Friendly Private New York Tours

NYC isn't just a playground for adults; these family-friendly private New York City tours are ideal for people traveling with kids.

  • Revolutionary Era Walking Tour: When you book this informative NYC walking tour, you'll wander around Manhattan's Financial District and hear all about the American Revolution.  With knowledgeable guides that are both engaging and entertaining, your kids will love the tour too.
  • Kids Greenwich Village Tour: As one of the top private tours in NYC, this fun NYC walking tour is specifically created for children.  You and your kids will visit some famous Greenwich Village sights, while the children, led by friendly guides, play games that relate to math, science, foreign language, and the arts.

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Times Square New York City

Times Square New York City

Indulgent Private New York Tours

Vacations must have some indulgences.  Check out one of these private tours in NYC to take advantage of some of the luxuries NYC provides.

  • Recessionista, Fashion & Fun Shopping Tours: Take advantage of some of the best shopping in the world with one of these NYC shopping tours.  You can choose between Manhattan's discount shopping hotspots and private visits to the designer showrooms in the Garment District.
  • Foods of NY Tours: Tour the streets of various Manhattan districts and stop to eat at well-known restaurants and "mom and pop" shops for some of the best food in New York.  While your knowledgeable guides give you historic information about the area, you'll indulge in some delicious and diverse cuisine.

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Sailing in the Hudson River New York

Sailing in the Hudson River New York

Private New York Tours by Boat

Get a unique view of Manhattan and all the famous NYC landmarks when you book a private tour of NY on a boat.

  • NY Sailing: This highly-acclaimed New York tour offers visitors unbeatable views of the New York Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Whether you're looking for a simply tour of the area, getting married, or celebrating a birthday, NY Sailing is a great option for all events.
  • Statue & Skyline Cruise by Classic Harbor Line: Take in the view of the Statue of Liberty along with the famous New York Skyline when you book this private tour. Available during the day or in the evening, this NYC cruise is a perfect addition to any romantic New York City vacation.

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