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We gave you a list of all the best free summer concerts, but if you're anything like us, listening to good music (or having more than 3 margaritas) makes us want to belt out some tunes of our own. That's why we've decided to make a list of all the best karaoke NYC has to offer! 

New York City seems to be the best place for people to express themselves, in every way. A place where we feel like we can do what we want, because we want to and because, let's face it, we love having fun. And what's more fun, whether you choose to admit it or not, than dropping in on the best karaoke in New York City? Nothing! Here are our favorite places to cut loose and show off the skills we learned during all those long showers and lonesome drives. As far as the songs that you should be singing and avoiding, we can't really help you with that one. We will admit to being the one who requests "Friends in Low Places" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" that gets the whole crowd singing along. You love to hate us, but in the end you're probably singing along too!

Sunswick NYC Bar

Astoria, 3502 35th St

Thursdays are karaoke ladies night, and that is something we can get down with. (They also have an XBOX 360 night and Trivia night, but let's stick to the important topic at hand.) At Sunswick, there is no shortage of beer to drink (they have 25 craft beers on tap) or delicious grub to stuff our faces with. Well, that is when our mouths are not too busy wailing out Guns N Roses, Journey or asking that guy in the corner to, not so subtly, call us, maybe.

  • Best for: Thursdays. It's karaoke night AND ladies night, so there will be drink specials from 10pm-2am to encourage some Salt N Pepa action.

Baby Grand

SoHo, 161 Lafayette St, 25 and up

All karaoke, all the time - this bar right here, and we are good with that. It's a great NYC karaoke bar for small groups because it's a pretty tiny bar. There are no private rooms, so if you want to sing you have to pull up your big girl panties, pay for your song and sing to the crowd. You never know, someone might be drunk enough to think you deserve a standing ovation! On top of that, the bartenders are all known for their genuine enthusiasm and fun-loving nature. Hands down, this karaoke bar in NYC is a sure fire good time.

  • Best For: Their a secret song list. Well, they post it on the Internet, so how secret can this place be? We can see how some of the jams on this list should be kept a secret, but who doesn't love embracing their guilty pleasures every now and then?

Karaoke Duet 35

Midtown West 53 W 35th St

For all of the secluded divas out there who enjoy their NYC karaoke bars with private rooms, all of the Karaoke Duet joints are fully stocked for you. They've got a great song selection and pretty reasonable rates.

  • Best For: Bringing your own food. If you're the host in these private rooms you might as well feed your guests, right?

Lucky 13 Saloon

Park Slope 273 13th St (between 5th Ave & 6th Ave)

It's a little different than your average karaoke bar, but different can be good! Some nights they have metal karaoke, but they generally always have a jukebox and pole dancers. One thing you need to know about this place, it is SO LOUD! (You have to read that in a really loud voice and cringe a little at the thought of it).

  • Best For: Their full menu of Absinthes from around the world!

Arlene's Grocery

Lower East Side, 95 Stanton St

You might know this little place from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, or if you like to have fun by living your life instead of just watching movies, you've probably partied hard here too! Yes, this is a grocery store, but on Mondays they also have Rock N Roll karaoke. Come and make your debut and maybe they'll ask you back to be one of their live musicians they host on several other nights of the week. (Fat chance, but you can still have fun trying).

  • Best For: Cheap drinks and live music (whether you're making it or watching it.)

These are our favorite places to karaoke in NYC right now. There are plenty of places around the city that offer karaoke on at least one night of the week. For some people, karaoke is a passion, for some just a past time, and for others - who we have no real respect for karaoke - maybe these are just the places that you will be avoiding from now on. 

Don't let your pride keep you away from a good time! Let us know what your favorite places are in New York City to sing your favorite tunes and melt some hearts along the way. Follow us on Twitter and @ us and your favorite NYC karaoke bars if they're on Twitter too. Join our chat on Facebook as well, because we're always looking for a new spot to make a debut!