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Sing Sing Karaoke

Sing Sing Karaoke Bar East Village NYC

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Sing Sing Karaoke Info

East Village


9 ST Marks Pl.
New York, NY 10003
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Hours of Operation:
Daily 1pm-4am



Noise Level:

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Sing Sing Karaoke Quick Facts

  • Sing Sing Karaoke NYC has 3 locations - St. Marks, Ave. A and Bayside. 
  • Sing Sing NYC has private karaoke rooms as well as general bar karaoke.
  • Sing Sing Karaoke New York offers happy hour specials daily until 8pm.

Nearest Transit:
2 Av (F); 1 Av (L); Astor Pl (4, 6, 6X)

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Sing Sing Karaoke Reviews

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Gina Hornung

Joined: November 2010



Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 10/11

Awesome Karaoke Bar

I stumbled upon Sing Sing Karaoke while staying across the street at St. Marks Hotel, but I later learned there are 3 locations throughout NYC.  I didn’t want to head back to my room quite yet, and frankly, any sign with the work “karaoke” in it is bound to lure me in – and it did.  There were wines, sakes, and a couple beers on tap, and the average drink was about $10, so not bad.

The crowd was pretty young, and I got the impression the majority of the patrons were NYU students, since the campus is nearby.  This East Village bar is small, and to the point – drinks and karaoke. Unlike most other karaoke bars I’ve been to in NYC and elsewhere, there was no stage in this place.  Each brave singer would take the mic and do as they please while singing amongst the crowd of drinkers surrounding the bar, which I thought was interesting and a fun twist.

They also offer private karaoke rooms if you prefer your audience to be only your own friends. They take reservations online because it fills up pretty quickly normally, but you can also take your chances and just walk in.

The bartender was dressed like Hello Kitty and sang a broken-English version of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, which was the highlight of my night.  The crowd loved it, and I saw several phones out recording the performance.  Overall, the crowd was pretty drunk and having a fantastic time.  There were a lot of great voices, but everyone had equally great attitudes and were all mingling and making friends.

I would absolutely go back. 

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Sing Sing Karaoke

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Grab the Mic and Become a Local Star For a Night at Sing Sing Karaoke

Located in


East Village

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Features:  Sing Sing Karaoke on St. Marks Place in East Village, specializes in great karaoke- offering both private and public singing space!  Reserve a Sing Sing Karaoke New York room for your private party, or just head to the bar, grab some drinks and sing your heart out to the crowd with the help of large lyric screens. 

Why We Go:

  • Private Rooms: Private rooms are available at Sing Sing Karaoke, with varying sizes to accommodate for a variety of parties to sing in the privacy of their own friends.
  • Sing-A-Longs: If you opt out of a private room, don't fear the silent sound of crickets while you're on the mic - the crowd is bound to join in on whatever song you choose to sing, and a dance floor is bound to appear in the bar area.  People get into the sing-a-long spirit at Sing Sing Karaoke New York!
  • Fun Crowd: St. Mark's Place generally draws a pretty festive crowd, and being so close to NYU, the East Village location of Sing Sing NYC tends to be young and really fun.  

Inside Knowledge: Sing Sing Karaoke doesn't have a stage, unlike many karaoke bars - one of the unique things about singing at this bar is being intertwined within the crowd your singing to.  Dance with them, serenade them, or create your own stage space on the dance floor!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Make a Reservation: Private rooms at Sing Sing NYC tend to fill quickly, so be sure to make a reservation online or call ahead to guarantee your party has a private room to sing in.
  • Do Create a Play List: After your book your private room at Sing Sing Karaoke, you can actually create your song play list ahead of time as well, so when you get there your favorite picks are ready to play.
  • Don't Miss Happy Hour: Sing Sing NYC offers drink specials Monday-Thursday 3pm-8pm and Friday-Sunday 2pm-8pm. 
  • Don't Blank on Song Choice: Whether you're heading to Sing Sing New York for a private party or to rock the crowd, you can see the entire song library online before you arrive, so you can have your song choices ready to request.  Instead of wasting sing time scanning the books for the best crowd-favorite, just walk in ready to go.

Venue Amenities

  • Accepts Reservations
  • Full Bar
  • Happy Hour
  • Karaoke
  • Near Public Transit
  • Premier Location
  • Private Room
  • Small Atmosphere