Snug Harbor Staten Island

Snug Harbor Staten Island NYC


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Snug Harbor Staten Island Information

Snug Harbor Staten Island Info

Ticket Info:
Adults - $6, Seniors - $5, Students with I.D. - $5, Kids - free

Mon.-Fri. 8am-dusk, Sat.-Sun. 10am-dusk

When to Go:
Summer months

Age Restriction:
All ages

Important Information

  • Art galleries and Chinese gardens have admission

Snug Harbor Staten Island Quick Facts

  • Snug Harbor Museum includes a contemporary art museum, chinese garden, and botanical garden
  • Smithsonian affiliated
  • Venue for children's performing arts, as well as a couple of art galleries

1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, US


Phone Number: 718.448.2500

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Snug Harbor Staten Island

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Snug Harbor Staten Island is a beautiful NY park and garden center

Located in

Staten Island


Prices Starting at
$6.00 for adults

NYCTourist Travel Info

Features: Snug Harbor NY is a city park, botanical garden, and collection of art galleries in Staten Island New York. Originally a home for older sailors, the park has expanded with the botanical garden in the area to form a much larger park area. Snug Harbor Cultural Center includes art galleries, the botanical gardens, a chinese garden, and plenty of park space for people to enjoy.

Why We Go: Snug Harbor NY is a leisurely place to enjoy some outdoor activities or a simple walk, and it features some great places for sightseeing and touring as well.

  • Cheap or Free: The general park grounds and the botanical gardens are free for visitors to walk through. The art galleries and the Chinese garden have a small fee, but the overall cost to enjoy Snug Harbor NY is fairly low.
  • Art: There are also art galleries in Snug Harbor Cultural Center. This includes the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, which is only $5 for admission and includes some lovely work.
  • Kid Friendly: Snug Harbor Museum is a great place to bring your kids as well. It is beautiful in this park, and there are plenty of artsy and kid-focused performing arts activities for them to enjoy.

Inside Knowledge: Snug Harbor Museum and Cultural Center was once known as Sailors' Snug Harbor. This is because Snug Harbor was originally a living spot for retired sailors.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get the Combined Admission Pass: For adults, an $8 ticket gets you into the art galleries as well as the Chinese garden. These exhibits are worth visiting in Snug Harbor NY, and the combined ticket saves you a little bit of money.
  • Do Bring Your Kids: There is plenty here for you and your kids to do. It makes for an exciting few hours on a beautiful day, so come visit if it is nice and sunny.
  • Don't Be Stingy: Snug harbor NY is dependent on your donations and admission fees to maintain the botanical garden and park. Don't be overly stingy when you visit here, as it is an affordable and wonderful escape from the city.
  • Don't Miss the Tuscan Garden: The Tuscan garden is another beautiful spot to visit while you are in Snug Harbor NY. It's a great spot to hold a small private gathering, or to simple enjoy a nice walk outdoors.