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Attention movie lovers: The SOHO International Film Festival will be holding its fourth annual presentation of groundbreaking films this spring. The festival draws submissions from all over the world, and some countries that are featured this year are from such far-reaching places as: Italy, South Korea, Colombia, Austria, the Philippines, Bosnia, France, Sweden and India.

Each film promises to be an intriguing movie-going experience, and this festival is a wonderful way to be exposed to some films that are not necessarily on the public’s radar. It is also a chance to see an acclaimed movie before it comes out in theatres.

The festival will open with an anticipated new film by Julie Pacino, Al Pacino’s daughter, which is entitled Billy Bates, and My Better Half, which was written, edited by and acted in by 16-year old Olivia DeLaurentis has garnered some buzz as well. Documentaries will have a presence at the SOHO International Film Festival as well, including one on character actor Ben Gazzara.

The SOHO International Film Festival will take place from April 5th, 2013 to April 12th, 2013 at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema on 143 East Houston Street, in the middle of SOHO. Tickets can be purchased online on the SOHO Film Festival website for the specific movies guests are interested in; interested parties can also view the movie trailers of the various films that are playing to help narrow down which day they want to go and which movie piques their interest to purchase a ticket for.

This festival should be a big draw for the exciting new movies alone, but this also may be an opportunity for a little celebrity spotting, as famous directors and actors are jetting in from all over the world to attend the festival. For example, academy-award winning actress Octavia Spencer will be in attendance and will be introducing some of the movies. Cinephiles should definitely check out the SOHO International Film Festival, as there is sure to be a thought-provoking movie to satisfy everyone’s taste.