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Specializing in unique ceremonies, Spirited Weddings in NYC is a praised wedding officiant service for couples looking to marry in NYC.  Offering one-of-a-kind services, Reverend Deborah Roth serves the New York metropolitan area with multi-faith matrimony services, multiple ritual ceremonies, or just couples who want an anomalous wedding!  Call Reverend Deborah Roth, or "Rev Deb" and book today!

  • Spirited Weddings in NYC can service weddings centeredaround spiritual beliefs and not religious.
  • Spirited Weddings NYC specializes in civil ceremonies.
  • Spirited Weddings New York works with same-sex couples.
  • Spirited Weddings NY practices Islamic and Christian wedding ceremonies.
  • NY Spirited Weddings are able to hold ceremonies honoring Buddhism and Hinduism.
  • NYC Spirited Weddings provide services to weddings cherishing Native American beliefs and Sufism.
  • New York Spirited Weddings work with Egyptian weddings as well as Earth-centered spirituality.
  • Spirited Weddings New York City specializes in many more beliefs and traditional ceremonies.

Spirited Weddings

Spirited Weddings NY

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Spirited Weddings

What to Know:

Spirited Weddings NYC has a wide array of services for wedding ceremonies in New York City.  Not only is Reverend Deborah Roth an exquisite New York wedding minister, she provides other services and packages that will suite your every planning need.

  • Exceptional Ceremonies: For interfaith couples, it may prove difficult to find a wedding minister in NYC that will honor both religions during a ceremony.  Spirited Weddings NYC has been trained to do so in the most professional and respectful way possible.
  • Wedding Rituals: Spirited Weddings NYC has years of experience practicing all of the wedding rituals you want for your ceremony.  Ranging from a unity candle, blessing ribbons, handfasting, jumping the broom, breaking the glass, and many, many more!
  • Additional Services: Spirited Weddings in NYC offer more than just New York wedding minister services, other services include marital coaching, bridesmaid celebrations, and bridal showers!  Spirited Weddings NYC know the ins and outs of matrimonial services!
Inside Knowledge:

Spirited Weddings NYC is happy to work with same-sex couples in the NYC metropolitan area.

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  • Spirited Weddings in NYC has great suggestions for wedding venues and reception areas.
  • Spirited Weddings NYC will thoughtfully get to know you and your significant other in detail before the ceremony.
  • Spirited Weddings will commute to wherever you decide to marry in the NYC metropolitan area.

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