New York City Street Fair Calendar | 2014 New York City Holiday Events, Shows and Fairs

New York Street Fairs 2014

Sun. August 18 Daytop Madison Avenue Festival on Madison Avenue from 42nd to 55th Street
Fri. August 23 Irving PLace Fair - On Irving Place from 14th - 15th St.
Sat. August 24 Lexington Avenue Fair - On Lexington Avenue from 42nd - 57th St.
Sun. August 25 52nd Street Jazz Fair - On 52nd Street from 6th-7th Ave.
Sat. August 31 World Trade Center Fair - On Liberty Street from Broadway to Trinity Pl.
Sat. August 31 Herald Sqare Block Party - On 33rd Street from 6th-7th AVe.
Sat. August 31 Fourth Avenue Festival - On Fourth Ave. from 9th to 14th Street
Sun. September 1 Broadway Festival - on Broadway from Waverly to 14th Street
Sun. September 1 The 29th Annual Brazilian Day Festival - On 6th Ave from 42nd - 56th St and 46th St from Madison - 7th Ave
Sun. September 1 Ronkonkoma "Long Island" Festival - on Hawkins Ave. from Portion Rd. to Wittredge St.
Mon. September 2 30th Avenue Astoria Festival - on 30th Avenue from 29th Street to 41st Street
Fri. September 6 Church of St. Agnes Carnival - On 43rd St from Lexington - 3rd St.
Sat. September 7 Gramercy Park Neighborhood Fair - On 3rd Avenue From 14th- 23rd St.
Sat. September 7 6th Avenue Festival - on 6th Avenue from Houston to Waverly Place
Sun. September 8 3rd Avenue Community Benefit Festival - on 3rd Avenue from 86th to 66th Street
Sun. September 8 Fulton Street Follies - On Fulton Street From Water - Gold St.
Sun. September 8 43rd Street Block Party - On 43rd Street From 6th- 7th Ave
September 12-22 87th Annual Feast of San Gennaro Mulberry St., Little Italy
Fri. September 13 Midtown East Block Party - On 54th Street From Lexington - 3rd Ave.
Sat. September 14 Guardian Angels Fair - On Broadway From 47th- 57th St.
Sat. September 14 Woodside Festival - on Woodside Ave. from 63rd St. to Roosevelt Ave.
Sun. September 15 92 Street Y Lexington Avenue Festival - on Lexington Avenue from 96th to 79th Street
Sun. September 15 Myrtle Avenue Festival - on Myrtle Avenue from Fresh Pond to Wyckoff
Sun. September 15 Eighth Avenue Festival - On 8th Avenue From 42nd- 57th St.
Fri. September 20 Bowling Green Park Fair -*Sold Out* At Broadway And Whitehall St.
Sat. September 21 20th Annual Upper Broadway Autumn Festival Broadway, 110-116 St. East side of Broadway 11AM-5PM
Sat. September 21 Broadway Autumn Fair - On Broadway From Waverly Pl. - 14th St.
Sat. September 21 Jerome Avenue Festival - on Jerome Avenue from Moshulu to Gun Hill Road
Sat. September 21 Bleecker Street Festival - on Bleecker Street from 8th to 7th Avenue
Sun. September 22 Broadway Astoria Festival - on Broadway(Queens) from Steinway to Crescent Street
Fri. September 27 Grand Central Fall Fest - On 41st Street From Lexington - 3rd Ave.
Sat. September 28 Sixth Avenue Fair - On 6th Avenue From 42nd- 56th St.
Sat. September 28 88th Street Festival - on 88th Street from Lexington to Park Avenue
Sat. September 28 37th Avenue Festival - on 37th Avenue from 89th to 83rd Street
Sun. September 29 N.Y.C. Oktoberfest - On Lexington Avenue From 42nd- 57th St
Sun. September 29 Forest Hills Austin Street Festival - on Austin Street from 69th to 72nd Road
Sun. October 6 25th Annual Upper Broadway Harvest Festival Broadway, 96-106 St. West side of Broadway 11AM-6PM
Sat. October 12 21st Annual Upper Broadway Fall Festival Broadway, 110-116 St. East side of Broadway 11AM-5PM
Sun. October 20 22nd Annual Broadway Fall Festival Broadway, 86-96 St. West side of Broadway 11AM-5PM
Sat. October 26 39th Annual Americana Jazz Festival 52nd Street, Fifth-Seventh Aves. 11AM-5PM

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See one of New York City's unique customs! It's our version of a garage sale. When the winter air finally starts to warm up and NYC spring takes reign of the city, something else takes reign of the streets: NYC street fairs! 

New York City street fairs pop up all over the city and include vendor booths, food trucks, activities and entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy. Some fairs specialize in specific cultural celebrations, heritage events or themes, and some are just regular ol' New York street fairs providing free outdoor entertainment to the masses.

Our NYC Street fair calendar for 2014 can give you up-to-date information on all of the best street fairs this summer. Find out where they will be, what hours they will be open and what dates each street fair in New York will be open. 

In actuality, New York City street fairs are almost like tiny microcosms of the city itself. You get delicious food, quirky things for sale, all sorts of arts and entertainment and a huge diversity of people patronizing each event. The noise level is high, the air is full of different smells and the excitement is boundless.

Even without this calendar of street fairs in NYC you might find yourself stumbling upon one on accident your next time in the Big Apple! Many great New York City hotels are located just blocks from great street fairs. Just remember, the main reason New York City street fairs exist is to give people a reason to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

If you're planning a trip to NYC soon, why not find a great NYC street fair while you're there? Street fairs in NYC happen all over the city so you'll be sure to find one close to your NYC hotel. And while you're saving money at these great NYC "garage sales," don't forget to check out New York City hotel deals!