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When you first arrive at Stand Up NY, on the Upper West Side, you’re immediately struck by the relationship between history and young energy the intimate club has.

The fully-stocked bar, and packed showroom is juxtaposed to pictures of famous comedians with the owners of the club (both real and fake).
The warm and energetic atmosphere is absolutely electric, and you can really feel the excitement of the patrons in line waiting to be seated.
The friendly and frankly charming staff is complemented well by the buzz of bar chatter and the hum of an expectant audience.

The showroom itself manages to be intimate, but not uncomfortably close; one of the biggest positives is that their isn’t a bad seat in the room, whether you sit in front hoping to be picked on or in back where you can relax and just enjoy the show. Of course, this is all secondary to the real draw of Stand Up NY: the comedy.

Once the host gets on stage, there’s nothing else like it in the world. Even the most icy crowd is quickly melted by your host’s charm and barbs. Whether they’re singling out a particularly bored looking audience member, or attempting to speak the language of a tourist in the room, they connect with the audience throughout the show and are what keep the laughs coming all night long.
Of course, the show wouldn’t happen without the actual comics. Every night, you’ll see about 5-7 comics of every type. That’s truly the strength of the shows, if you don’t like one comic, another is surely to come along and coax you into a laugh.

Even more surprising is the consistent talent of all the comedians. It’s hard to pick out your favorite, and audience members often leave saying that they couldn't believe they thought every person who got on stage was so funny.

In short, Stand Up NY is one of the best entertainment venues in NYC, and certainly in the running for best comedy club. If you’re looking for a place to take a date, hang with friends, or just unwind after work, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place than Stand Up NY.

What to Know:

  • Where They Are: Conveniently located on the Upper West Side.
    236 W 78th St
  • When to Go/Who to See: Check out the Stand Up NY calendar to find performances you might want to check out, but don't be surprised when famous comedians show up on a whim and surprise you with a great show when you least expect it! So many great comedians have performed here like Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Caroline Rhea and more!
  • What to Drink: Drink what you want, but when you check in on Facebook or Yelp once you get there, you can get a free shot, so definitely take advantage of that. They've got a full bar, and they can make you a fancy martini or serve you a refreshing beer.