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Steel Magnolias on Broadway

Steel Magnolias on Broadway NYC

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  • Revival of the original Steel Magnolias NYC from 1987.
  • Steel Magnolias New York had a film based on it in the late '80s.
  • The revival of Steel Magnolias New York only ran for a few months.

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Show Dates:
April 4th, 2005 - July 31st, 2005

Leceum Theatre
149 W 45th St
New York, New York 10036
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Steel Magnolias on Broadway

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Steel Magnolias on Broadway was the 2005 Revival of the Original 1987 Production

Located in


Times Square

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Features: Steel Magnolias the play was a 2005 revival of the original 1987 production that premiered off-Broadway and inspired the feature film two years later. It ran from April until the end of July in 2005 for a total of 136 non-preview performances. Steel Magnolias NYC took the same direction as the original with six female characters being the only actors on-stage throughout the play.

Why We Go: Steel Magnolias the play, despite its very short run on Broadway, received critical acclaim and was a revival of an excellent book.

  • Funny: One of the key selling points to Steel Magnolias the play was its hilarious scenes and set-ups, despite the dramatic overtone of the play. This Broadway revival offered plenty of laughs.
  • Sad: The play spent a lot of time focusing on issues such as one woman's relationships with men in her family, and another woman's sickness and how it affects those around her. While there were definitely funny points to this play, there were also plenty of make-you-cry moments.
  • Famous: Steel Magnolias the play has gone through many performances, ranging from its 1987 premiere and its 1989 film to its productions out of the United States, creating a well-known reputation.

Inside Knowledge: While the original Steel Magnolias the play only had the six female characters on-stage, the film features a largest cast of actors, even though it still remains very faithful to the original.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring Tissues: Should you see Steel Magnolias in a play or as a film, make sure to have tissues ready. You will most likely be crying by the end.
  • Do See the Movie: While Steel Magnolias the play is no longer in New York City, you can still see the classic 1989 film.
  • Don't Neglect Driving Miss Daisy: Even though Steel Magnolias isn't playing any longer, you can still catch another amazing comedy-drama in New York City by checking out Driving Miss Daisy. Not only is this play also full of laughs and tears, it also references a flower in the title.
  • Don't go Without Friends: As with all comedy-dramas that feature a variety of friends and personalities on-stage, we feel that these are more enjoyable with a group of friends instead of a partner or on your own. If the play returns to Broadway, then keep this in mind before going.

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