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Stomp NYC

Stomp NYC

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Stomp NYC Information

Show Quick Facts

  • Stomp originated in London in 1991.
  • Debuted at the Orpheum Theater in 1994.
  • Stomp NYC performed at the 1996 Academy Awards.
  • Stomp on Broadway has been featured in an IMAX movie and an HBO special.

Show Info

Show Dates:
April 29, 2010 - Ongoing

Performance Times:
Sun. 3pm & 8pm, Mon. 3pm & 7pm, Wed. 8pm, Thurs. 3pm & 8pm, Fri.- Sat. 8pm,

Running Time:
1 Hour 45 Minutes

Orpheum Theater
126 Second Ave
New York, New York 10079

Nearest Transit:
Astor Place (6); 8th St-Broadway (R, W)

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Age Restriction:
Kids 5+

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Stomp NYC

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Stomp NYC Makes Beautiful Music With Everyday Objects

Located in


East Village

Price Range:

Features: Who knew sweeping, lighter-clicking and pot-banging could sound so good? The talented musicians and dancers of Stomp NYC take common household appliances and turn them into quality instruments, creating a truly entertaining NY show in Manhattan's East Village. Stomp New York  is a 90-minute musical showcase that is fun, interactive and humorous all at once.

Why We Go: Stomp NYC at the Orpheum Theater has been a popular musical attraction in NY since 1994, and with good reason. Their extremely talented musicians and dancers know how to get the crowd pumped up without saying a word, and their well-orchestrated performance art needs to be seen - and heard - to be believed.

  • Creativity: The creativity of Stomp NYC is unparalleled, and while plenty of other acts have tried to duplicate their magic, the original Stomp New York is still the best.
  • Crowd Interaction: When the crowd's feet are rocking in sync to the rhythms of the Stomp NYC beats, the historic Orpheum Theater in New York feels like it could litterally topple over. We promise you'll leave Stomp on Broadway with the urge to bang on just about everything in sight.
  • Cheap Tickets: Stomp New York is one of the cheapest NYC shows, with tickets starting around $30.

Inside Knowledge: Since its rise to fame in the 1990's, members of the Stomp NYC brigade have been featured in everything from movies and commercials to their own HBO special, and several have worked with top hip hop musicians and producers.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Your Own Stomping: Parts of Stomp NYC require audience participation; that means wearing your loudest shoes so and bringing your best stomping effort to the Orpheum Theater in New York.
  • Do Hit the Restroom Before the Show: There is no intermission at Stomp on Broadway, so make sure you go to the bathroom before the show as you won't want to miss a minute of this classic NY show.
  • Don't Try This At Home: We know it's inspiring, but you'll likely drive your significant other crazy trying to replicate the amazing sounds of the Stomp Broadway Show.
  • Don't Forget Tylenol: Clocking in at over 90 minutes, Stomp NYC is as loud as it is entertaining, and has instigated its fair share of headaches over the years.

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