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Whether you're cultivating a summer love or planning a night with your life-long sweetheart, the same generic dates just don't do it sometimes, especially when you're in the Empire State. NYC is full of some of the best date options in the world, so leave the dinner and a movie to the amateurs and plan a night that you - and your date - will never forget!

There are plenty of date night ideas for a night in New York City, and ones that won't come off like you're trying too hard, you're being overly cheap, or you're being extremely cheesy. Yeah, girls like cheese, but you have to sit through the entire date too.

Take Her Stargazing: While most New Yorkers think of stargazing as going to the trendiest spots and hoping that Donald Trump or the cast of Girls will show up and become besties with them, you should take her on a date that won't end in heartache. Don't think you can see stars in the Big City? Think again. And definitely think about it, because stargazing at these places is free!

  • Take her stargazing on the High Line every (or any) Tuesday night this summer. You'll get a lesson from the experts when the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York hosts this celestial extravaganza. This is also a good place to come for a day date, with a great view of the city!
  • There are three telescopes on Pier 1 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and if you couldn't squeeze in that Tuesday date at the High Line, they have stargazing here every Thursday night through the end of September.

Give Her Some Snickers: Luckily for most of you, when you go see a show like "How I Learned," she won't even have to pretend to laugh at your almost-there jokes that are more cute than funny, because real comedians are doing the work for you. And - maybe the best part about this New York City date option - it's free! Of course you'll want to buy her a drink or two, don't make the girl go thirsty, and you might need a few yourself to listen to the true stories of some of these story-teller/actor/comedians, but it's certainly a giggle-fest at this monthly production in the Happy Ending Cocktail Lounge. Giving her real Snickers never hurt either, of course.

  • Heads Up! Their monthly show is coming up Wednesday, June 27, at 8pm so head on over for a laugh-propelled ab workout and a date to remember.

Take Her to a Rooftop Bar: It's a summer tradition in NYC afterall, and she doesn't need to be the only girl not experiencing it with her beau. You may remember our blog about all the best rooftop bars in New York City, so check that out and plan your party romantic evening.

Keep Your High: If you don't want to come down from the high of a rooftop bar, or the height, that's no problem. You're in the land of the large here, and while you can drink at high altitudes, you can also catch a flick on the rooftop level too. The Rooftop Films in New York City show about 3-5 underground films a week, all over the city! The Summer Series runs through August, and tickets are about the same cost, if not less, as they are in a movie theatre.

Sing Her a Song. You can do it romantically, or head to the best karoake bars in town. Here's a fun date that provides hours of entertainment, but also says "Hey, I'm a fun loving guy and I want to make you laugh, even if it's at the expense of my own terrible voice." Girls love that stuff. That's marriage material right there! Wait a second, maybe that's too much commitment for just wanting to sing a few verses of Def Leppard as a possible interlude to making out later...

If you really feel like you can't strike up a tune for her, there are plenty of free summer concerts in New York City that will work the magic for you.

Of course there are a ton of other things to do in the city, and to get away from the city (like taking ferry rides or trips to Governor's Island, Staten Island, City Island, woah, lot's of islands!), seeing a ball game, or having a picnic. But seriously, you're going to be crowding every other couple out there with the same idea (and trust us, everyone thinks of these ideas.) So use one of these inexpensive and fun dates ideas in New York City that will bring just enough cheese to make you full, but not enough to give you a stomach ache. And hey, she might be lactose intolerant anyways!

Let us know what you're favorite summer dates in the big city are! Once we give these a go or two we'll be looking for more fun filled summer adventures that will lead to romance and more, or at least a night with a person instead of our cat. Don't forget to join the discussion on Facebook or Tweet us the deets. We'd love to hear from you!