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Can you feel the heat? We can. Summer is in full force here in NYC, which you probably know, and that's why you're planning your summer vacation, and there is no better time to break out your camera and start going to town on New York City... literally. Whether it's your first time in the city or you might as well be a local, there are a few things that you need to have checked off your list to really say you've experienced New York. Obviously a stroll through Central Park, a slice of New York pizza or a hot dog from a cart, a glimpse at Lady Liberty and a trip on the Subway are definite musts. Now actually experiencing those things are minimum. But where's the proof that you really did?

We like the memories we can take around with us, showing off how worldly and traveled we are to all of our friends - watching the jealousy in their eyes as we brag that we went to NYC this summer. Here's a list of some of the best photo ops in New York City this summer, for tourists and residents alike. There are few places in NYC too touristy to take a photo of, and far fewer places that are not pretty enough to capture on film.

  • The Brooklyn Bridge
    A summer's morning on the Brooklyn Bridge is the best shot of them all. Find your way to the pedestrian lane and capture the city life. The Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, the New York Harbor and Wall Street are all NYC pictures you might as well document while you're up there. Don't forget to snap photos of the bridge itself either though! The arches and cables are famous in every family's photo album. As well as everywhere else.
  • The Grand Central Terminal
    This 100 year old destination is probably in every true New York Tourist's Facebook album, and maybe even the most dedicated tourists' scrapbooks as well. There are many beautiful things happening inside, and taking a picture of the gang against the background of the terminal is a classic NYC photo you won't want to miss out on. Find the "secret" elevated passageways that give you a great shot of the whole terminal for the most ideal NYC Tourist photo shoot. The best light this summer is when the sun shines through in the afternoon. Make sure you did your hair nice ladies, we see some artistic shots from the back in your future as you ponder the beauty of the Grand Central Terminal.
  • Central Park
    The sidewalks lined with trees and foliage, people (probably yourself) lounging about on the grass and the bridges crossing over waters all have been shot before, and for good reason. An even better shot might be from a boat in the Central Park Lake, if you want a different and new perspective than all your friends are getting, and you can rent boats from the Leob Boathouse through October (in other words, a photo op not available to the winter tourists). If not, a kissing shot on a Central Park bridge will do just fine too!
  • Fifth Avenue
    Everyone tells you it's the ultimate shopping destination. Of course you need a good job or rich boyfriend if you'll actually be indulging in the shopping that takes place here. Want a new angle on the city? The sculpture garden on top of The Met (only open in the summer!) gives you a great perspective on Fifth Avenue, perfect for a beautiful, summery photo op in NYC! While you're there of course, might as well snap a few photos of the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, right? You can take pictures of almost everything except the special exhibits.
  • The Famous Buildings
    A shot of The Chrysler BuildingEmpire State Building, Statue of Liberty and everything else will need to be documented. Look up at these skyscrapers from the streets to really emphasize their grandiosity. Why not get a shot this summer and then another from the same spot on a snowy winter day? Now that's a photo op for the scrapbooks. Or at least for your friends on Instagram.
  • The City Skyline at Dusk
    This is a beautiful time to shoot the city, especially in the summer when being outside at this time after a long day is bearable! Head of the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Center, which also has a great view of the Empire State Building, which looks beautiful at night.
  • Times Square
    Would any true NYC Tourist go without the famous photo op in Times Square? Nope, they would most certainly not pass up that opportunity. Of course there will be a million other people in your shot, but that's part of the beauty of this destination. There are probably more photo ops in Times Square alone than there are in your entire home town.

Yeah, there are about a million more pictures that you can take throughout New York City other than these, but these are the summer shots in NYC that are a must have. Don't leave your camera behind when you go exploring anywhere in New York, or at least not your camera-phone. Let us know what your favorite photo ops in NYC are in the summertime, and even share your favorite pictures in NYC with us from any season by adding us on Facebook or following us on Twitter! We look forward to seeing what you think makes the best New York City pictures!