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Sushi Sasabune NYC

Sushi Sasabune NYC

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  • Sasabune NYC is an upscale sushi restaurant in the Upper East Side.
  • The Omakase approach at Sushi Sasabune NYC means their expert sushi chefs order for you - no menu required!
  • Sasabune New York is closed Sundays and Mondays.

Restaurant Info

Upper East Side

401 E 73rd St (between 1st Ave & York Ave)
New York, NY 10021
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Nearest Transit:
77th St (6)

Hours of Operation:
Tues.- Fri. 12pm- 2pm & 5:30pm- 10pm, Sat. 5:30pm- 10pm

Additional Info:
Reservations Accepted

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Sushi Sasabune NYC

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Sasabune NYC is a Traditional Sushi Restaurant in the Upper East Side

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Upper East Side

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Features: Sushi Sasabune NYC offers a traditional Japanese sushi experience you're not likely to find anywhere else. Sasabune New York is small sushi restaurant NYC with an interesting quirk - it doesn't have a menu. Instead, guests at this popular sushi restaurant NYC are treated to their Omakase service, which is a Japanese term that's loosely translated into "Trust Me." And after the first round of some of the best sushi in NYC, you'll trust Sushi Sasabune NYC. 

Why We Dine: Sasabune NYC is an upscale NY sushi restaurant that features the freshest fish you'll comes across in the Big Apple. Yes, it's pricey - but if you really love sushi, than Sushi Sasabune NYC is not to be missed. 

  • Omakase: The "Trust Me" approach at Sasabune Sushi NYC might be off-putting at first. But fear not - you can tell your waiter what you can't or don't want - shellfish, wasabe, etc. And when it comes to their traditional Japanese selections, Sasabune NYC probably knows what you like more than you do.
  • No Frills: Sushi Sasabune New York is a modern, minimalist upscale NY restaurant that's perfectly fine if you walk in with flip flops and cargo shorts. The friendly, unpretentious attitude at Sushi Sasabune NYC makes it perfect for NYC tourists hoping to try something new in Manhattan.
  • Great for a Date: While Sasabune NYC isn't ideal for groups traveling New York City, it's a great date night restaurant for couples. The pleasant ambiance, delicious New York sushi, and traditional wine bar make for a romantic evening in NYC.

Inside Knowledge: Many NYC tourists not familiar with the Omakase are going to be confused when their server continues to bring plate after plate of fresh sushi. At Sushi Sasabrune NYC, it's up to you to say "When." Let your waiter know when you're full at Sasabune NYC, or be prepared for a hefty NY restaurant bill.

We Recommend:

  • Bring an Open Mind: The pickiest of eaters might fear the Sushi Sasabune NYC Omakase style. Stop sweating. The expert sushi chefs at Sasabune NYC will leave you and your taste buds feeling happy. 
  • Go Traditional: Your server at Sasabune New York will ask if you prefer to go the 'Normal' or 'Japanese route.' We recommend trying the authentic Japanese sushi offerings that this sushi restaurant NYC is famous for.

Restaurant Amenities

  • Fresh Food
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Premier Location
  • Romantic Dining
  • Small Atmosphere