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The skyline of New York City is famous and you’ll want to catch the iconic view of the Big Apple – what better way to do so than from the water? Allen Batista Travel offers specialty boat rides that will not only show off the city’s skyline, but keep you entertained. is pleased to present Allen Batista Travel as their Editor’s Choice for fun tours in NYC.

The on-coming fall season is a great time to hit the water for a boat tour! The weather isn’t too cold yet, and you can catch glimpses of the foliage changing into its beautiful autumn colors. Allen Batista Travel features a variety of boat tour options, including their popular Comedy, Belly Dance and Salsa boat rides, all of which feature sail dates through September and October.

The Comedy Tour features three of NYC’s rising comedians who have appeared on Letterman and the Last Comic Standing as well as other TV appearances, and stints at famous New York City comedy clubs like Caroline’s and Gotham. Enjoy access to a cash bar, or order a package with food options and enjoy lunch or dinner with your show as well. Music will also be played so you can get up and dance, or hit the deck of the boat to catch better views of the shore and NYC’s skyline!

Like the Comedy Tour boat ride, the Belly Dance and Salsa boat rides offer separate ticketing options so that guests can opt to include a meal, or not, with the former costing $85, or only $50 for a ride with no meal. Both of these tours feature a dance lesson in their titular style followed by a dance performance and music so that you can get up and dance some more as well – a great opportunity to practice the moves you’ve just learned! The Belly Dance tours can also include a Henna Tattoo artist, or massages from a licensed massage therapist. Other boat tour options include Live Jazz, a magic show, samba and zumba rides. Dining options on the boat tours include a buffet which usually features a variety of options including chicken, pasta, rice and salad.

Allen Batista’s boat tours feature shows that are funny but clean, making them a great family-friendly option! Give the kids some down time after walking around the city, and have them let loose with dancing, food, a show and of course – the thrill of a boat ride around New York City!

All of Allen Batista Travel’s themed rides take place on a private yacht. Tours leave on Wednesdays and Sundays, with a Sunday boarding time of 1:30 for a sail time from 2pm until 5pm, and Wednesday rides board at 7pm for sail times from 7:30pm until 10:30 pm. For a boat ride, show and meal combo you can pay $85, or skip the meal and pay only $50 for your boat ride and show of choice!

For a great way to see New York City, enjoy a boat ride, eat a meal and catch a show in the Big City, there’s no better option for combining all these forms of entertainment then through Allen Batista Travel! So reserve your tickets, get ready for a fun time and see why Allen Batista Travel has been picked for’s Editor’s Choice!

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