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The Nutcracker NYC

The Nutcracker NYC

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  • The Nutcracker NYC is performed by the NYC Ballet at the David H. Koch Theatre (formerly the New York State Theatre).
  • Children of all ages are welcome, but the Nutcracker Ballet is most suitable for those over the age of five.
  • The Nutcracker New York Ballet features classic choreography by George Balanchine.

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David H. Koch Theatre
20 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, New York 10023
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Holiday Show

The Nutcracker NYC

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Breathtaking Choreography by George Balanchine at the Nutcracker NYC

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Midtown West

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Features: The Nutcracker NYC at the David H. Koch Theatre is the version of the Nutcracker ballet to which all others are compared. Featuring exquisite dancing and stunning choreography created by George Balanchine in 1954, the Nutcracker NYC, performed by the NYC Ballet, promises to dazzle and entertain.

Why We Go: For over fifty years, families have drawn together from all over the world to view the breathtaking choreography and beautiful sets of George Balanchine's version of the Nutcracker NYC. It is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, to create lasting memories, and to celebrate the coming New Year.

  • The Original: While there are countless versions of the Nutcracker ballet, the version performed at the David H. Koch Theatre, with choreography created by George Balanchine in 1954, is the most famous and revered. It was this version, performed by the NYC Ballet, that began the American and European tradition of celebrating the holidays with a performance of the Nutcracker.
  • Choreography: What separates the NYC Ballet version of the Nutcracker NYC from all other versions is its choreography, originally created by legendary choreographer George Balanchine in 1954. Countless American choreographers have imitated his work, but none has even come close to capturing its effortless grace.
  • Detail: No detail is overlooked in a performance of the Nutcracker NYC. Each Candy Cane costume features 144 jingle bells, each Dewdrop costume features 65 crystal "dewdrops," and over 50 lbs. of paper confetti fall to the stage to create the breathtaking snowstorm.

Inside Knowledge: Part of a rich holiday tradition, the Nutcracker NYC is based on Tchaikovsky's ballet, which is itself based on a story by French writer Alexandre Dumas, which is itself based on a story by German author E.T.A. Hoffman. The original story, called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, was published in 1816.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Dress to Impress: While the David H. Koch Theatre does not impose a dress code, you'll find that the majority of those attending the Nutcracker NYC are dressed in what might be called "office attire." We recommend dressing in your best holiday finery - a cocktail dress or a sport coat would be appropriate.
  • Do Bring the Kids: Start a new holiday tradition or create a lasting, shared memory by bringing the kids to the Nutcracker ballet. The David H. Koch Theatre features spacious Orchestra seating to accommodate the restlessness and playfulness of children. Note that every individual, including infants, must have a ticket to attend a show, and those disruptive to the performance will be asked to leave. (We would advise against bringing children under five.)
  • Don't Waste Unused Tickets: If for any reason you cannot attend a performance of the Nutcracker NYC, you can donate your tickets back to the Company and receive a tax deduction receipt for the full amount.
  • Don't Miss Sweet Seats: With the Sweet Seats VIP Package, you'll get the very best (Premium Orchestra) seats in the David H. Koch Theater, one keepsake color photo taken with a character from the production, a full-color souvenir book, and 15% off NYCB merchandise at our Gift Shop on the Promenade.

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