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The Odd Couple on Broadway

The Odd Couple on Broadway

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  • Revival of the 1965 Neil Simon Broadway classic
  • Original cast starred Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane after their run for The Producers
  • Brad Garrett played was Murray the cop, but took on the role of Oscar for two weeks when Nathan Lane was sick

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Show Dates:
Oct. 2005 - June 2006

Brooks Atkinson Theatre
256 W 47th St
New York, New York 10036
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The Odd Couple on Broadway

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The Odd Couple on Broadway features Broderick and Lane starring in this classic reival

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Times Square

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Features: The Odd Couple NYC was the 2005 revival to the classic Neil Simon play from 1965. This revival starred Matthew Broderick as Felix Unger and Nathan Lane as Oscar Madison. The two leading actors started this production right after their wildly popular run with The Producers. The Odd Couple Broadway ran from October of 2005 until June of 2006.

Why We Go: The Odd Couple NYC was one of the rare times in modern day Broadway that a non-musical play was performed. This Neil Simon classic has been revived plenty of times in the past, and we were admittedly a little skeptical of the two leads being able to work with this particular material. However, we were ultimately impressed by both Broderick and Lane in their respect to the two characters.

  • Nathan Lane: While Matthew Broderick was easily able to adapt to Felix Unger, we were a little worried that Nathan Lane wouldn't be able to pull off the role of slobby sportswriter Oscar. Thankfully, he put our worries to rest in this production of the Odd Couple play and effortlessly made us believe in his portrayal of the messy, recently divorced Oscar.
  • Brad Garrett: We were surprised and delighted to see Brad Garrett in the Odd Couple Broadway. His portrayal of Murray the cop couldn't help but make us chuckle and think back to his character's job in Everybody Loves Raymond, but what was more surprising to us was his ability to pick up the role of Oscar in the Odd Couple play when Nathan Lane was out sick. We really wish that we could have seen him in the role a little longer.
  • The Classic Script: Neil Simon is a legend, and the Odd Couple NYC is among one of his most famous works. We always get excited to see revivals from this classic playwright, and unsurprisingly we fell in love with this revival as well.

Inside Knowledge: One of the original Odd Couple Broadway cast members, Jack Klugman, also starred as Oscar in the hit sitcom series.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do See It When You Can: The Odd Couple NYC is one of the most famous works by Neil Simon. If it is revived again, make plans to go see it.
  • Do Laugh: The stark differences between the two characters set the standard for mis-matched pairs in theatre and in television. Chances are that if you are not laughing during the Odd Couple NYC, then you may not have a sense of humor.
  • Don't Expect Art to Imitate Real Life: Odd couples and roommate pairings in real life aren't nearly as amusing as they are on stage. Don't look for a total opposite to room with at an apartment if you are looking for a place to live, as it probably won't turn out nearly as amusing as the Felix and Oscar pairing.
  • Don't Let This Be Your Only Neil Simon Play: You probably get it by now, but we love Neil Simon. Don't let this be the only Neil Simon production you see. Other great productions that were written by this legendary playwright include Promises, Promises, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Biloxi Blues.

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