Tip Guide

How much to tip in New York City?

Tip Guide

A hot-button question many travelers have is how much to tip in New York City. You don't want to not know how much to tip and then under-tip a hard-working waiter or waitress. It doesn't make you or other tourists look good in their eye, and you may even hear about it from them.

That is why NYCtourist.com has provided you with a tip guide that will help you know how much is correct to tip depending on what the bill is. We have provided tip averages for those who wish to tip 15% or 20% of the bill to their server.

Our tip guide below lists what you should be tipping if you tip 15% of 20%. It is not an enforced guide of what you should tip in New York, but it is a good idea on what you should give waitstaff when at a New York restaurant.

Check 15% 20%   Check 15% 20%   Check 15% 20%
$1.00$0.15$0.20 $34.00$5.10$6.80 $67.00$10.05$13.40
$2.00$0.30$0.40 $35.00$5.25$7.00 $68.00$10.20$13.60
$3.00$0.45$0.60 $36.00$5.40$7.20 $69.00$10.35$13.80
$4.00$0.60$0.80 $37.00$5.55$7.40 $70.00$10.50$14.00
$5.00$0.75$1.00 $38.00$5.70$7.60 $71.00$10.65$14.20
$6.00$0.90$1.20 $39.00$5.85$7.80 $72.00$10.80$14.40
$7.00$1.05$1.40 $40.00$6.00$8.00 $73.00$10.95$14.60
$8.00$1.20$1.60 $41.00$6.15$8.20 $74.00$11.10$14.80
$9.00$1.35$1.80 $42.00$6.30$8.40 $75.00$11.25$15.00
$10.00$1.50$2.00 $43.00$6.45$8.60 $76.00$11.40$15.20
$11.00$1.65$2.20 $44.00$6.60$8.80 $77.00$11.55$15.40
$12.00$1.80$2.40 $45.00$6.75$9.00 $78.00$11.70$15.60
$13.00$1.95$2.60 $46.00$6.90$9.20 $79.00$11.85$15.80
$14.00$2.10$2.80 $47.00$7.05$9.40 $80.00$12.00$16.00
$15.00$2.25$3.00 $48.00$7.20$9.60 $81.00$12.15$16.20
$16.00$2.40$3.20 $49.00$7.35$9.80 $82.00$12.30$16.40
$17.00$2.55$3.40 $50.00$7.50$10.00 $83.00$12.45$16.60
$18.00$2.70$3.60 $51.00$7.65$10.20 $84.00$12.60$16.80
$19.00$2.85$3.80 $52.00$7.80$10.40 $85.00$12.75$17.00
$20.00$3.00$4.00 $53.00$7.95$10.60 $86.00$12.90$17.20
$21.00$3.15$4.20 $54.00$8.10$10.80 $87.00$13.05$17.40
$22.00$3.30$4.40 $55.00$8.25$11.00 $88.00$13.20$17.60
$23.00$3.45$4.60 $56.00$8.40$11.20 $89.00$13.35$17.80
$24.00$3.60$4.80 $57.00$8.55$11.40 $90.00$13.50$18.00
$25.00$3.75$5.00 $58.00$8.70$11.60 $91.00$13.65$18.20
$26.00$3.90$5.20 $59.00$8.85$11.80 $92.00$13.80$18.40
$27.00$4.05$5.40 $60.00$9.00$12.00 $93.00$13.95$18.60
$28.00$4.20$5.60 $61.00$9.15$12.20 $94.00$14.10$18.80
$29.00$4.35$5.80 $62.00$9.30$12.40 $95.00$14.25$19.00
$30.00$4.50$6.00 $63.00$9.45$12.60 $96.00$14.40$19.20
$31.00$4.65$6.20 $64.00$9.60$12.80 $97.00$14.55$19.40
$32.00$4.80$6.40 $65.00$9.75$13.00 $98.00$14.70$19.60
$33.00$4.95$6.60 $66.00$9.90$13.20 $99.00$14.85$19.80

Using this tip guide is a good gauge for what you should be tipping service at most NYC restaurants. However, keep in mind that tips may vary based on where you are going.

Tip Guide for different NYC Restaurants

Not all restaurants will be equal in tips. The 15% to 20% recommendation by us applies to most restaurants, but there are some situations where tipping more (or less) can be fine too. If you are not given good service, then tipping less or not at all is acceptable.

On the flip side, if you are given very nice service, then consider tipping more. This is especially important when you are in groups of 8 or more, when gratuity is typically added onto the checks and tipping more for serving more people is more recognized.

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Nice NYC Restaurants lead to nice tips

Nice NYC Restaurants lead to nice tips

It is typical to tip more for excellent service in New York.

When dining at a high quality New York restaurant, it is typically accepted that you will tip more as service is usually on a level of professionalism that you just wont find at your local TGI Fridays.

Wonder why people tip more in these situations? It is simple. Servers at these restaurants know what they are doing. They are speedy in their service, and they go above and beyond their job description in order to make the diner's experience that much more enjoyable.

Service and knowledge such as this demands a high tip. Keep this in mind on knowing how much to tip at a fancy New York restaurant.

Be friendly to waitstaff and bartenders at NYC restaurants

Another important thing is that you will want to be friendly to your waitstaff and - especially - your bartenders. Initiate conversation, and make their job experience more enjoyable by getting to know them while also informing them a little bit about yourself.

This is especially useful when talking to a bartender. Not only will the conversations be interesting, but getting friendly with the bartender may even lead to free drinks.

Make sure you tip a bartender well if they do give you a drink or two on the house. After all, you just saved money on your order, so why not offer up some of that to the bartender as your way of saying thanks.

What about tipping cab drivers?

What about tipping cab drivers?

New York cab drivers are among the most informative people in the city.

While there is plenty of discussion and information on what the expected tip should be for a waiter or bartender in New York, there is very few details on tipping cab drivers.

Cab drivers in New York are among the most informative and interesting if you start talking to them. They also have to drive in a city that is far from friendly when it comes to people on the road. Case in point, when you visit New York City for the first time, you will notice that everyone jaywalks. Everyone. It makes driving around in this city an absolute nightmare.

When you consider what New York cab drivers have to put up, we recommend tipping them. Also, try to give them a cash amount that will not have them giving you change if you can. Cab drivers in New York do not care much change on them, so it is much easier for them to take full bills and then write down how much goes to them.

Chances are that if you give a New York cab driver a good tip, then he or she will also give you a good tip on where to visit in New York. We love attractions and restaurants that are more locally known, so jump on these opportunities when they are presented to you.

Find places where you should tip and more!

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We also have user reviews and descriptions of hundreds of NYC restaurants that will help you make a decision on where to stay and where to eat.

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