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If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions it can be quite a challenge to find good restaurants when traveling. The great news is that NYC has tons of delicious eateries that cater to people who are looking for specific foods - or rather, who are looking to avoid specific foods! Whether you stay away from certain types of food on principal or for health reasons, there are NYC restaurants that make it easy for you to eat wonderful food while traveling and not have to stress about finding somewhere good to eat!

These top NYC restaurants have such delicious vegan and gluten free options your friends and family who can eat whatever they want will still enjoy a trip here. Each of the following eateries make delicious food that so closely resembles their more traditional counterpart you might even forget you have food restrictions in the first place!

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in NYC

  1. Blossom: This restaurant not only has a wide array of vegan food to choose from, but they also have a wonderful atmoshphere and a commitment to making the vegan lifestyle delicious and appealing. No matter if you are there because you believe in animal rights, because you are trying to eat healthy, because of an allergy-related necessity, or because your vegan friend dragged you along, you are sure to get a delicious meal you will enjoy. (187 9th Ave)
  2. Angelica Kitchen: With fresh local produce and food every day you know your meal will be healthy and delicious at Angelica Kitchen NYC. Not only will you avoid animal products, but you also will find yourself eating food with absolutely no preservatives! Not to mention the fact that Angelica Kitchen has a really tasty menu. (300 E 12th St)
  3. Lula's Sweet Apothecary: Drum roll please...Lula's Sweet Apothecary has dairy free ice cream! Among other wonderful vegan desserts, this vegan restaurant in NYC is the best place to go if you have a sweet tooth craving that just won't go away. Don't be surprised when your non-vegan friends are shocked that the ice cream here doesn't have any milk in it! (516 E 6th St)
  4. Quantum Leap: This restaurant is a crowd pleaser and serves dishes for vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian preferences. Known for their big portions and great veggie burgers, breakfasts at Quantum Leap are also a hit among NYC locals. (Two locations - 226 Thompson St and 203 1st Ave)
  5. Paulie Gee's: Most vegan and dairy-free people know - finding a good pizza that doesn't use real cheese can be near impossible. Luckily for us, Paulie Gee's not only has vegan cheese, but they have vegan sausages! Go all out with this delicious pizza, but make sure to arrive early; Paulie Gee's is very popular and the lines can get long. (60 Greenpoint Ave)

Top 5 Gluten Free Restaurants in NYC

  1. Risotteria: If you've ever tried to eliminate gluten from your diet you know that it's almost like a life sentence to kiss Italian food goodbye. Risotteria, however, is worth a special vacation to NYC just to enjoy this delicious gluten free Italian food! From the gluten free breadsticks at the beginning of the meal to the gluten free pie at the end, you can get the best of the best no matter what dietary restrictions you have. They even have vegetarian and dairy free options here! (270 Bleeker St)
  2. Friedman's Lunch: This gluten free NYC restaurant not only has the fresh and health-conscious gluten free foods that many people search out, but they also have delicious comfort foods that are hard to find gluten free such as fried chicken! The variety of different gluten free options here are worth coming back again and again. (Chelsea Market)
  3. BabyCakes NYC: Cupcakes are one of the latest trends our country seems to be experiencing and it would be way to sad for people who can't eat gluten to be left behind! BabyCakes NYC has delicious gluten free cupcakes and even has vegan options too. And cupcakes aren't the other usually forbidden foods here - make sure to try their gluten free donut if you're in the area! (248 Broome St)
  4. S'MAC: What says comfort food more than mac 'n' cheese? S'MAC is a gluten free NYC restaurant that specializes in this emotionally satisfying menu item and wow do they do it well! You can order anything on the menu gluten free but don't expect to sacrifice taste or texture when you do so - S'MAC makes sure you'll be sighing in happiness with every bite. (345 E 12th St)
  5. Lilli and Loo: We've covered gluten free Italian, American and dessert foods so far, but what about Asian gluten free food in NYC? Lilli and Loo has delicious Chinese takeout with over 50 gluten free menu items. And don't think they make any mistakes - the soy sauce they have is also gluten free so that you can enjoy your entire meal without a worry. (792 Lexington Ave)

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