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If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, you’re going to need a game plan. A vacation to New York City is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you have to make the most of it! After you’ve seen the iconic Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, and you’ve already been to The Top of The Rock (if you haven't, go!!!), you may be looking to see and experience unique new things from a local’s perspective, or, participate in some of the more off the beaten path New York City tours. 

New York City has so much to offer, and the absolute best way to make sure you get the total New Yorker experience is to take a tour (or four) and see & hear it from the experts!

Here’s a list of my Top Off the Beaten Path Tours in New York City:

1 - Urban Oyster’s Fermented NY Craft Beer Crawl

Urban Oyster offers dozens of different tours, but our favorite is the Fermented NY Craft Beer Crawl. Expand your palate by trying over ten different beers on this unique NYC tour. Don’t worry if you’re a lightweight, food is provided to keep you on your feet for the whole duration of the tour. If you feel guilty for drinking during the afternoon, ease your mind by knowing that this NYC tour is not only a blast, it’s educational as well! As their website describes, “This is a pub crawl with a purpose.” Indeed it is. Learn about how beer is made and how to distinguish different types of beer, all while exploring Brooklyn or Manhattan. Or both.

2 - Boroughs of the Dead Tour - Visit 

Explore NYC’s boroughs with a spooky walking tour! Boroughs of the Dead offers a variety of amazingly creepy tours, such as a tour of Edgar Allan Poe's Greenwich Village and a seasonal Ghosts of the Titanic Tour. Travelers and locals alike are raving about the Dark Histories of Lower Manhattan Tour, which takes you through the oldest and most haunted areas in NYC, and the Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour, which showcases the scariest true ghost stories from those historic neighborhoods. Your passionate and knowledgeable tour guide, Andrea Janes, will show you around Manhattan’s haunted graveyards, taverns, museums, and parks, and, as a published author of supernatural horror tales, Andrea has mastered the elusive art of telling a creepy story unlike any other guide in the city. The great thing about these unique NYC tours is you’ll get a history lesson about the area along with the spooks, getting the best bang for your buck!

3 - The RIDE - Visit

Get a tour of the city and a production all in one! The RIDE is NYC’s largest tour bus, which features state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, stadium seating, and massive windows to see the sights. As you drive through Midtown Manhattan, your enthusiastic tour guide will tell you historical facts about the NYC landmarks you drive by, as well as point out the live actors, dancers, and singers performing along the route! We love this tour as it is an entirely different experience from your typical NYC tour, and you’ll stay warm (or cool, depending on the season) as you stay inside the bus for the entire 75 minute ride.

4 - Mint Pros Yankee Stadium VIP Tour

Where can you sit down with a baseball legend and explore one of the most famous sports stadiums in the country? Mint Pros Yankee Stadium VIP Tour! This would be a perfect tour to take your Yankees fanatic, but it would be just as enjoyable for anyone who has ever wondered what Yankee Stadium is like when it is mostly empty. After the tour, you are treated to a lunch at the Hard Rock with the legendary Yankee player who led your tour, either Mickey Rivers, Dwight Gooden, or Homer Bush!

Happy touring!