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Veterans Day Parade NYC

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Veterans Day Parade Summary

Event Overview: NYC Veterans Day Parade takes place every November on Veterans Day in Manhattan. This annual tradition is a day-long event that starts in the morning with a celebration breakfast, continues on with the parade, and then ends with a dinner cruise.

What to Expect: NYC Veterans Day Parade is an annual tradition that celebrates not only the men and women who fought and died for their country in New York City, but all around the world.


  • Opening Ceremony:Veterans Day NYC opens with a motivational breakfast in the heart of Times Square. The opening ceremony and actual parade route will begin on the 23rd and 26th streets of Fifth Avenue.
  • The Main Event: The actual Veterans Day NYC Parade goes from 26 street and finally ends at 56th Street, near Central Park. This gives people plenty of space to find a nice spot for viewing the parade.
  • International: The Veterans Day NYC Parade honors not only those who served in the U.S. Military, but also those who served in the fight for democracy around the world. It is a tribute to those who risked their lives or paid the ultimate price for defending freedom.

Inside Knowledge: The first NYC Veterans Day Parade took place on November 11, 1919. It has been an annual tradition in New York City since then.

Event Hints:

  • Scout Ahead of Time: If you are looking for a good spot from which to view the parade, then scout ahead. This is a popular parade, but it extends through over 30 blocks so you have a lot of wiggle-room on where you can stay for the parade.
  • Look for Hotels on the Parade Route: Looking for a place to stay during Veterans Day NYC? Then look for a hotel along the parade route. If you get one facing out to 5th Avenue, then you can get an unobstructed view of the parade as well.
  • Catch It on TV: If you are unable to attend the parade, don't worry. The Veterans Day NYC Parade gets a lot of media attention, meaning you can most likely find it on television or on the internet.

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Veterans Day Parade


General Location

Chelsea to Central Park

Event Dates

Nov 10,2017

Event Cost


Veterans Day Parade is a long-running celebration of those that served their country

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Event Quick Facts

  • Day long celebration of United States veterans
  • Parade route starts at 5th and 26th Street and continues until 56th Street
  • Ongoing annual tradition since 1920



Nearest Transit:
Times Square-42nd St (1, 2, 3, S, 7, N, Q, R, W, A, C, E); 42nd St-5th Ave-6th Ave (7, B, D, F, V)

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