Comedic Videos of New York provided by a RhettandLink, featuring the Food Cart Song

The Food Cart Song - NYC - Video

NYC - A comedic tour of food vendors from the streets of New York City.

Bread and Meat Suits on the streets of NYC - Video

NYC - What do you get when you mix fashion and deli? You get bread and meat suits on the streets of NYC.

The rich history of New York City's street vendor scene just can't be beaten. From chicken, lamb and rice carts in Midtown to more amazing good selection carts in Astoria, there really is no questioning that New York just has the best street vendors in all the US. Each one is equally as good as the next. You can find a street cart on pretty much any corner in the New York big cities.

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Restaurants in Midtown West, NYC

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NYCTourist Travel Info

Nightlife in Midtown West, NYC

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